Compile Club comic for Aleste 2 - Ellinor throwing flowers for father Ray Waizen

By Szczepaniak

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25-10-2017, 16:30

I interviewed the designer and programmer on Aleste 2, and he told me this story:


Just as a side note, a man named Takayuki Watanabe was the designer for Aleste 2. Most of the story was written by him. He writes a manga called Compile Club, an in-house comic series, and there's a story in that where Ray Waizen, the main character of Aleste, comes back. There's a scene where the daughter throws a bouquet of flowers and wails "Faaather!" and then Ray Waizen comes out, and she's like, "Oh, you're alive!" The story is described in this comic and the game follows that.

It's very difficult to find any info on the Compile Club magazine, or this specific comic.

Has anyone seen it?

If not, I'm going to illustrate the interview using comics from the Aleste 2 manual, and a photo of him throwing the invisible bouquet.

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By tfh

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25-10-2017, 16:34

LOL. he looks like David Bowie Smile

By Randam

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25-10-2017, 20:24

a while back there were comp[pile club magazine on yahoo auctions

By Samor

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25-10-2017, 23:41

There is a translated version of that page (and the entire manual), from the Woomb release of Aleste 2. The text pokes fun at Ray looking old for a 37 year old man.

By the way, Elly (Ellinor) also starred in the MegaDrive game Musha Aleste (great game by the way).

By Szczepaniak

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28-10-2017, 11:16

Yes, I've seen the translated manual. I actually reviewed WOOMB for Retro Gamer when it first came out.

Was just curious if anyone had seen the Compile Club comic.

Anyway, I went and used screens from the game's ending, so it's not needed now. Smile

By Samor

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24-11-2017, 13:41

I really liked the Woomb versions for all the work that was put into the manuals and other extras.