Conexion MSX at Nijmegen 2022

By Ramon Ribas Cas...

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14-03-2022, 23:17

Howdy folks

I will be back this year at Nijmegen.
NOP and Future Disk are back in the land of the living so how the fuck I was going to miss it???

Also, I will place a stand with some MSX niceties produced in Spain.
Unfortunately these are rough times and unfortunately there is a shortage of everything related to cartridges. I do not think I can show up with more than 20 cartridges overall. From each title will be at most, five units, often less.

This year Megaflashrom, Carnicore 2 or even Rookie Drive are out of the question. Sorry.
I will show up with
* MSX MIDI Remakes #3 (2CDs)
* Mutants from the deep
* Alien 8
* Knightlore
* Chaos Begins
* Prisoner of War
* Burn Us
* Marrones y Cotorras

I will try to show up with something more but I cannot promise anything at the moment.

I accept reservations, but please, show up as soon as possible to take them.
I wait for your comments.

Thanks in advance

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By Ramon Ribas Casasayas

Resident (59)

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19-03-2022, 12:17

UPDATE: I will have Sudden Burst for sale, a run and gun MSX2 game.
Just three units, I am afraid.

By Wlcracks

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19-03-2022, 16:00

NOP is awesome indeed, I go there to look what they got this year!. Maybe some more forum kicks voor Nijmegen 2022 are needed?