"Konami's MSX Legacy" - call for help

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By sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3846)

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09-05-2018, 18:07

Let's remain friendly amongst fellow MSX fans. As far as I've seen nowhere wimpie3 has said it is print only. Hamlet prefers this as a paper copy, that's fine. Valrond prefers it electronically, that's also fine. Ultimately both options are a possibility on createspace. I think it would be good to offer both options, but it will indeed be wimpie3's decision.

By wimpie3

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09-05-2018, 19:19

Both versions will probably be available.

By TheKid

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30-05-2018, 07:51

@Wimpie3: I was looking at the scan you put up here last december. I noticed a screenshot of several salamander boxes. Where did the green one (second from the left) come from? I never seen that one. I have the japanese version, which is purple (most left), and the european version which is white. The second from the right is propably the small box (nemesis 3 format), so where did the green one come from? Or is the japanese version distributed in 2 colours?
As you probably already know, there are 2 telephone cards of salamander. one is green with the salamander on it and the other is black with just the title salamander. The last one I have, which comes with an inlay that fits perfectly in the japanese box. Never seen that inlay before btw.

By Sandor

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12-07-2018, 10:44

About the Parodius bonus stage text,
Little detail change: "今年も.コナミ をよろしく" google translate says: This year also, please give my regards to Konami

By FiXato

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12-07-2018, 15:18

valrond wrote:

Do you still print all of your pictures? Or you just watch them on your phone and share them?

Perhaps not all, but hamlet has printed quite some of them as posters :P

As a collector's item, I'd rather have a print version. But, knowing myself, I'm much sooner actually *read* it when it's in digital format.
I have almost all of the books of the Dark Tower series in print; preferably even in limited hardcover edition. However, the last time I read through all of them again, it was using the Kindle app on my tablet and phone, because it was much easier to carry with me, stop reading on one device, and pick up reading later again on another device.
Added benefits: easy marking of passages without ruining your limited edition, and quick lookup of words in the built-in dictionary, built-in wikipedia lookup or in a web browser. :) Oh, and it can be a lot cheaper as you don't need to worry about actually printing it and shipping it across the world.

But, I can understand the reluctance to offer a digital download, especially of a niche product in a community that has a long history of rampant copying. ;)

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