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By msd

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25-11-2005, 15:22

it was an easteregg or directory support.. well then the choise is easy isn't it

By BiFi

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25-11-2005, 15:34

replacing subdir-support with an easteregg would give space for a screen 7 moai easteregg Wink

I'd go for useful things as well then...

By HansO

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26-11-2005, 12:41

Okay, how can I run CP/M on my MSX then ? I'm a newbee as you can see !

I'm having a NMS8245 to work on.

Most CP/M programs run under MSX-DOS. MSX-DOS is a CP/M 2.2 clone with a different file system (FAT12). So most CP/M programs run, except those accessing directly (bypassing CP/M) the native CP/M file system and there are issues with the IOBYTE CP/M facility. Whn you ask MSX-DOS for the version it will tell you 2.2 to let programs believe they are running on a CP/M 2.2 system, which is the most common variant.
CP/M plus is available for the Philips MSX 2 computers, see my website for details.

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