Is the MSX the greatest for 8bit equivalent RPG games?

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By stm4il

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08-02-2013, 06:16

New to the MSX, still have not booted my ebay win up yet (waiting on the step down converter). But while I waited I greedily grabbed all the RPGs I could from lots of searching and some fine folks. I have found.

42 translated RPG games in DISK format
15 translated RPG games in ROM format
4 JP Carts of RPGs that have not been translated (Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest 2, Something that all the words are in Kanji, Final Fantasy)

Can any other 8bit equivalent system even come close?

I'm ensconced in RPG games.

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By slowerisbetter

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08-02-2013, 08:51

Can you list all the titles?

By stm4il

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10-02-2013, 04:42

Got my system up no problems, these things are INCREDIBLE. slowerisbetter I will PM you the list, I do actually own some of the games but not all of them (but I'm trying with EBAY). Once I own them all I will post a full collection to the forum.

By SkyeWelse

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10-02-2013, 07:18

stm4ll, I'd be interested in seeing your list as well regardless of whether you own them or not. I know that Generation-MSX has a pretty comprehensive list of MSX games their genre and whether or not they have translations in English, but it would be interesting to see a simplified list as well. Perhaps you should just consider posting it in the forum for everyone here to see and compare. Perhaps there are ones that have been overlooked that we can help with adding to your list.

For example, a fellow MSXer friend of mine recently asked me if I could find a copy of a fairly rare MSX shooter called ANAZA on Yahoo Japan Auctions and I learned that even though at first glance it is a shooter, it's referred to in Japanese as a "Shooting RPG", so it would likely need to be added to this same list.


By Akiguchi

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10-02-2013, 22:07

MSX is indeed the best 8bit system for rpgs. I think there isn't any other system that could match the excellence of Sd Snatcher, Xak 1-3, Ys 1-3, Dragon Slayer 1-6, Golvellius 1-2, Rune Master 1-3, Randar III, Madou Monogatari, Hydlide 1-3, Dragon Quest 1-2, Final Fantasy, XZR 1-2, Illusion City, Rune Worth and many more. Maybe only NES could be somewhat of a match for MSX, but not really as good still. C64 and Spectrum doesn't have very good rpgs. SMS has Phantasy Star, Golvellius, but not many others.

By stm4il

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11-02-2013, 02:48

Well since their is some interest All the English RPGS I have found (as above I have a few in my action category not listed here)...

All the EN translated Disks I have found:
Arugisu no Yoku(EN)
Ashguine (EN)
Deep Forest(EN)
Eastland Campaign(EN)
Golvellius 2 (EN)
Hydlide 2 (EN)
Hydlide 3(EN)
Illusion City (EN)
Laplace Evil Spirit(EN)
Madou Monogatari(EN)
Maze of Galious(EN)
Oujibinbin Monogatari(EN)
Phantasie (EN)
Phantasie 2(EN)
Phantasie 4(EN)
Shin Ku Gyoku Den(EN)
Silviana (EN)
The Black Onyx(EN)
Ultima IV (EN)
Xak 2 (EN)
Xak 3(EN)
Zelda(EN) - (Fan Made)
Zukkoke Yajikita Onmitsudoutyuu(EN)

The CARTS I have found:
AD&D Heroes of the Lance
Ashguine 3(EN)
Black Onyx(EN)
Deep Dungeon 2(EN)
Green Crystal(EN)
Haja No Fuin(EN)
Romancia (ENJP)
SD Snatcher (EN)
Tengoku Yoitoko (EN)
Ultima 3(EN)
Wizardry 1 (JP_EN)

Still hunting...

By FiXato

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11-02-2013, 07:07

Add Pumpkin Adventure (I) II, and III to your list, as well as Witches' Revenge, Lost World and Realms of Adventure. ;-)

By Daemos

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11-02-2013, 11:41

What about Fray in magical adventure?

By slowerisbetter

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11-02-2013, 11:46

Thanks; I have a few of them, hunting down the rest. Keep them coming Smile

By umaiboux

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11-02-2013, 14:33

Many games were released for PC-88 series.
However, non-Japanese people may not have much interest.

By Manuel

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11-02-2013, 17:03

I guess those are mostly partial translations... It helps to indicate whether they are full or partial.

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