The MSX Time and Date.

By frits9164

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01-05-2012, 22:14

Hello everyone,
I have a question about: "The MSX Time and Date" How is that embedded in the MSX? And start date is different for each MSX, so the question is how does it work? I know you can set the time and date in Basic, but what about how stored? etc.Question Can somebody tell me about that?
Greetings Frits6914

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By hap

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01-05-2012, 22:20

Most computers (including MSX2 and up) have a dedicated chip for it, called the RTC (real time clock). A battery keeps it running when the computer's off.

By faxerpelle

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01-05-2012, 22:28

I have a further question myself. I re-set today date and time on my WSX. Since for the year part the system accepts only 2 digits, will RTC consider 2012 or 1912? Provided that 1912 is much before MSX production start I will expect 2012 but who really knows?

By msd

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01-05-2012, 22:43

iirc the msx date is an offset from 1980.. it uses two bcd digits, so maximum 99. The msx can tell the date until 2079. Tongue

By msxholder

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02-05-2012, 23:08

Please don't set it 31 december 1999 Beware of the millenium bug !!
They Fooled us about this twelfe Years Ago.

By frits9164

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03-05-2012, 00:04

Did the RTC chip also an alarm? Is this also be used for programs? It also has an output can I use this?
frits9164 Question

By anonymous

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03-05-2012, 04:05

msxholder wrote:

Please don't set it 31 december 1999 Beware of the millenium bug !!
They Fooled us about this twelfe Years Ago.

One Dutch guy told that he once devised an April Fools joke; he constructed a website to "check your computer on the Milennium Bug".
It was just HTML with some GIF animations that pretended as though all kinds of stuff was being checked on your computer and things were installed and configured. It even spelt "Millennium" wrong. Wink
After a minute, the HTML would refresh and the page would say:

"Congratulations, your PC is now Millennium proof!
The current date is April 1st 1999, 10:66:14"

He says the page was 'tried out' by thousands of people. One third found it to be a good joke, another third sent him their "thanks for the fix", and the last third got angry because they thought that without any warning, a flurry of programs had been installed and configured on their computer. Big smile

So he thought the joke had succeeded pretty okay, since you could simply view the source in your browser and see that actually, nothing had happened at all.
But then he got an e-mail from a big, no I must say, huge and expensive international consultancy bureau (I know which one but I'm not dropping names here), which said:
"Hello, what a great tool! I'm responsible at [consultancy bureau] for the Millennium Problem, hired by insurance companies and banks and governments and I would like to get in contact with you to use your tool for all of them."

Makes you wonder - how many idiots still have a great, well paid job, and how many people who are actually clever or even brilliant are without, huh? Wink