Spanish Soft and Hard at Conexion MSX (Nijmegen'23)

By Ramon Ribas Cas...

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19-02-2023, 01:20

Howdy folks

Conexion MSX will be at Nijmegen and as usual I will try to get some stuff for sale.
Right now, electronic parts are still difficult to get and this affects releases and re-releases of games and hardware.

When it comes to hardware, it will be only a handful of Rookie Drives and the Arkanoid pads.
It will be ONLY 5 Rookie Drives, so if you want any, please tell me so at the comments.
Forget MegaFlashRom or Flashjacks. That's out of the question.

When it comes to software, everything turns even blurrier.
I've been head over heels looking for something to bring and right now the only chances are the re-releases of:
.- Stevedore 27 € (
.- Shmup Kai 29 € (
.- Mutants from the deep (minus the super-fancy box, so 35 €?) (
Thing is that a certain number of pre-reserves should be attained.
Prices are provisional.

So, who's in? I read you.

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