Storage help for a new MSX2 Owner

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By chinnyhill10

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12-03-2017, 19:29

I have a habit of only turning up here when I have a question so I apologise in advance. Some of you may know I run a Youtube channel where I cover lots of formats, including the MSX, using the original hardware.

MSX2 machines in the UK are as rare as hens teeth. I've always fancied an MSX2, but it would have to be a Hit Bit (I love my Hit Bit 75B). One popped up on Dutch Ebay so I grabbed it today:

What I didn't realise until after I purchased it is that the model of Hit Bit in question lacks a floppy drive and presumably also a floppy controller! Doh!

Not a huge problem in itself as I would prefer a modern storage option in anycase. But what options for SD card or CF cards are available to MSX users? I've seen a floppy interface on Ebay, but ideally would prefer something that plugs straight in and uses a CF/SD card or USB stick. Possibly that could load cart games as well.

Can anyone offer some ideas so that when I get this machine here I can get it up and running for the channel?


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By CX5Mer

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12-03-2017, 19:53

Your options are discussed on

Basically, most people who can afford it seem to go for for a MegaflashROM SCC. So far, I haven't managed to buy either an MSX compatible Gotek drive or a MegaflashROM, or Sunrise IDE, though.

By chinnyhill10

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12-03-2017, 20:06

I've seen the Megaflash ROM site before when looking for a solution for my 75B. Always been a bit wary as no price is specified and the ordering system appears to be an email form. Only just seen now that the prices are in the email form! Not the best way to make them obvious!

By hamlet

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12-03-2017, 21:52

But it seems to work, as a lot of people (and their mothers) own a MFR bought at the cartridge shop.
If you are smart enough to proceed the ordering system, you will get very happy with a MFR. Even your beloved 75B will like it. You will get a storage solution, SCC support and (prudent as you are you have surely choose the) 512k.
The HB-F9 is a wonderful machine. Even it lacks a disk drive, you will not need one in present time. Congratulation!

By chinnyhill10

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12-03-2017, 22:56

Looks like this cart is the way to go then. Is the 512k memory option worth having for a 'normal' user? I will mainly be using the machine for reviews on the Youtube channel.

By Piter Punk

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12-03-2017, 23:39

Yes, the 512KB memory mapper is worth having. You'll need at least 128KB of RAM to run NEXTOR or MSXDOS2. The cartridge come with NEXTOR built-in and, without the 128KB memory mapper, it will boot in MSXDOS1 mode. MSXDOS1 only handles FAT12, so your machine disks will be limited to only 32MB per partition; this limitation (and many others) are gone in NEXTOR.

By sd_snatcher

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13-03-2017, 01:48

BTW, if you're going to do reviews in your YouTube channel, here goes some tips: its best to also have:

- Have an MSX-Music cartridge, for the FM sound
- Have a Japanese machine to review Japanese games, otherwise they will run sluggish as hell on your PAL machine. Unless you plan to review only European games, of course.

By chinnyhill10

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13-03-2017, 09:32

It's unlikely these two things will be possible due to funds. A Japanese machine is just too expensive and requires voltage converters which is why I went for a Dutch machine. I also do a lot of game comparisons and I capture at 50fps or 60fps. Mixing frame rates within a timeline isn't a good idea.

Funds aren't limitless and this Hit Bit is very expensive by my standards. I refuse to take adverts or sponsorship so everything is funded by me and the bit of money I get from Patreon. I cover 18 formats all using real hardware so keeping everyone happy is difficult.

So I hope that explains why I selected a Dutch PAL MSX.

By valkyre

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14-03-2017, 19:38

@ chinnyhill10- the megaflash rom is a sound investment and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Btw great youtube channel it's always good to see msx coverage coming from the UK!

By djh1697

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14-03-2017, 20:07

@chinnyhill Where in the UK are you? I am in Leicester. I also have a same Sony HBF9, i have today, placed an order for the MegaFlash SCC/SD 512k dual slot card. It was 165 Euros using Paypal, It came out at around £160, you could wait for a stronger pound. or the Euro to crash, but that might be a long wait! I'll let you know the exact amount when it shows on my bank account, although, the rates change daily! It will get dispatched in the morning, so i'll let you know what happens. In Leicester there is the Retro computer museum. They have a TurboR ST. If your cartridges are in good condition with the boxes, instructions, etc I would put them on eBay, since they go for a lot of cash when they are complete, that should help pay for the Megaflash SCC. There is also a UK MSX group on facebook, but, you get more info on here.

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