Technical Support Required. Yamaha MSX CX5. S-Video output image quality.

By AngryAndy

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18-05-2022, 13:56

Hello MSX experts and funs.

I am new in the community and I need some support.

I got an Yamaha CX5. The copmuter is working but I am confused about the quality of the S-Video output.
I use an SONY Bravia LCD TV as a monitor. It has a separate S composit video input.

The edges of the letters on the screen are kind of blurry and the background area is not homogeneous / clean but kind of tiny stripes visible slightly.

What I did already:
- cleaned related contacts
- resoldered the solder point on the small separate PCB with the RF, S-Video and Audio blocks.
- resoldered the solder point on the small separate PCB module LC56440.
- resoldered the solder point on the main PCB around the connection of the PCB module LC56440.

- Does anyone has an idea what can be done to fix this issue?
- How can I add pictures here?

I appreciate your advices.
In case more problem descriptionis required please let me know.

Angry Andy.

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By sdsnatcher73

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18-05-2022, 15:20

Hi Andy, you can upload inages to (separate website) and include them with the img bbcode tags. The CX5M only sports composite video, no S video. What you describe is pretty much the result of the encoding of the color signal on top of the luminance signal (composing the two into 1 signal) and afterwards decomposition of these 2 signals by the TV. Many modern LCD TV have poor quality decoders (as their focus is on HDMI) and processing and upscaling (which is often needed) does not improve on the situation.

To get a better picture you need a different TV or a device with a better decoder and HDMI or component output. I can personally recommend older 4:3 LCD or better yet CRT TV (picture quality is measured in kg, did you know? Wink. RetroTink makes good composite decoders I believe although I have no experience with them myself.

By Alexey

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19-05-2022, 15:23

LVA510 is a crappy chip and this computer CX5ME (UK version) has PAL encoder. So, don't expect a good quality composite video signal from this machine.