V9990 curry demo

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By N.I

Master (173)

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30-07-2017, 08:35

Hi MSXers,
I made the curry demo. It works on MSX turbo-R with V9990(GFX9000). It works even on MSX2, but it will play slow.
I confirmed that it works well on openMSX.

Watch online(Youtube)

Download the files

I hope you like it.

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Enlighted (6569)

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30-07-2017, 08:45

lysergic ... Big smile

By hamlet

Scribe (3735)

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30-07-2017, 09:13

Speedy! Impressing!

By Manuel

Ascended (18247)

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30-07-2017, 11:35

Heh, who doesn't love curry rice...

By Jipe

Paragon (1515)

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30-07-2017, 11:41

i like it
you can see the .MAG files with XNVIEW on your PC Wink

By Grauw

Ascended (10158)

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30-07-2017, 18:22

Nice once again!

By guantxip

Paragon (1601)

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31-07-2017, 10:14

I love see more new v9990 demos. Big smile

By Philip

Champion (379)

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31-07-2017, 14:45

Very cool as always !

By Pippo

Champion (510)

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31-07-2017, 23:19

Very, very nice demo, N.I!
You are great as usual! Smile

By N.I

Master (173)

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01-08-2017, 05:58

Thanks guys!

Jipe wrote:

you can see the .MAG files with XNVIEW on your PC Wink

Yes, I use MAG format for compressed images. One of the reasons is that it has a fast reading speed. This demo has the 7 MAG files. V9990 can read 16 files in VRAM though. Smile

By keith56

Master (160)

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01-08-2017, 11:34

What features of the V9990 does this use? I mean, what benefits did it give you over the normal MSX2
I'm guessing the extra memory helped!

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