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By PingPong

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19-06-2020, 18:46

Based on your last two sentences ai is automation system used in games
Fact 1: games automation system are called ai
Fact 2: ai is nothing more than automation
Inferred: games automation system are AI

By donluca

Expert (75)

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19-06-2020, 21:25

~mk~ wrote:

Xevious was pretty advanced too. I recall having read somewhere that enemies would not only adjust the agressiveness dynamically depending on how good you played, but you could also prevent them from coming by destroying the ground radars which detect you. I think that is awesome for a game from 1982. It was also the game that introduced the ground/air enemy types.

Nice, didn't remember that! I think I'll have to revisit it sooner or later.

By Manuel

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19-06-2020, 22:10

I found Xevious rather boring... it has a very limited amount of enemy patterns. See my longplay:

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