738 technical manual

By LS120

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15-03-2017, 10:24

looking for the complete service and technical manuals as all i seen to find are only bits of pdf scanns..


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By SkalTura

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28-03-2017, 16:02

Check out this page...

Lots of pictures and PDF's for the 738

By HansO

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29-03-2017, 09:33

The SVI.738 manuals on the Tomas Karlsson site, mirrored at the 'samdal' page, were scanned by me in 2001.

I did scan the whole user manual, and the circuit diagrams in the service manual. The other pages of the service manual were either covered in the user guide or general MSX information, I left these out. I did not (and regret that now) scan the CP/M BIOS pages, quite a lot of work.

The http://msx.hansotten.com/special-msx-hardware/svi-738-xpress/ Spectravideo SVI.738 X’Press page on my MSX site contains all the information I once had collected and scanned on this nice machine.

My main computer in the 80ties, running CP/M with remote videoterminal via serial.
I have owned three, one newly bought and converted to MSX-2 and more changes, an 'Henrik Gilvad' adapted to MSX-2+ with 1MB memory and an original unaltered one.

By LS120

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29-03-2017, 21:03

i have done the CPM and the 80 coloum card one's as well if you want them.. all in pdf. what i would like is a copy of the test cart they had..

By LS120

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29-03-2017, 21:07

i have got all i can on the 738 off your sight but some of the English is very broken up and hard to under stand what to do and what they trying to say or mean.. Smile