AX370 modifications

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By wbahnassi

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17-05-2022, 01:19

Mudammir wrote:

Do you by any chance know if it is type 8A or 8B? I want to buy the cable but I don't want to get the wrong pinout and mess something up Sad

It uses the standard MSX RGB pinout. I built mine from the Wiki here without problems (using it with a RAD2X and OSCC)

By Mudammir

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17-05-2022, 15:12

Brilliant, thanks a lot!

By sdsnatcher73

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05-06-2022, 15:40

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

Hmm, PHC-70FD is the basis for the AX370. But I doubt it’s the BIOS in that case. Maybe the way the keyboard is connected to the engine? Or the MSX engine revisions may come into play. All these machines have T9769 engine, of the 70FD we know there are machines with A and B revisions ot that engine. According to the Wiki the AX370 has B revision (but we may not have all data). Maybe there was an issue in one of these revisions. Or there was a designflaw on the 70FD mainboard.

I will test my PHC-35J, PHC-70FD, FS-A1FM, FS-A1FX, FS-A1WSX and FS-A1ST (all have some revision of this engine). Let’s see if there is some pattern…

Okay, so it was a while back but I finally tested and none of my machines have the Nemesis issue (also not the 70FD). For my machines the keyboard was cleaned (and especially with the Sanyo machines over 50% that come in have keyboard issues, all solved by cleaning). Check the instructions here.

By alali.ahmed.t

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08-06-2022, 18:57

rzookol wrote:

Ok, i did:


I used roms from Wavy70fd rom pack and it nearly work. I don't see MSX logo and FDD doesnt work (tested also ax370 disk rom - same result). MSX2plus basic starts ok, i can use kanji chars. Should i do something more to have FDD working?

Did you just program the 27c020 and put it back in the same place where the AX370 had its eprom? The Wavy70FD has the middle and the roms on the left installed that are 28pins (assuming they are 27c512 or 27c526 for bios and 27c512 for EXT+MSX KANJI + DISK ) I believe keeping 27C020, will make the slots mapped just like the AX370 is mapped.

By sdsnatcher73

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08-06-2022, 20:37

Run MEMMAN (from external storage device) and see what is detected (post a photo). Also dump all ROMs from MSX side (slot 0 and 3 all subslots). Always dump 64kB. Name the files with the subslot e.g. AX3702P00.BIN (for slot 0-0). Then upload those files somewhere where you can share them, also upload the ROM you flashed into the EPROM.

By sdsnatcher73

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08-06-2022, 20:49

Also dump the kanji rom (use KANJIROM.BAS)

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