HB-F1XD keyboard PCB

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By S0urceror

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28-11-2021, 21:56

All parts delivered and soldered. The result is great and 100% working.

The keyboard PCB connected via a small ribbon cable to the adapter board:

The result testing all keys working:

The costs went up a bit. The costs I stated earlier was without the dreadful import tax and parts. In the end I spend around 225,- on the whole project.

I am selling the keyboard PCB completely soldered and tested for EUR. 45,- excluding shipping.

I have already two other MSX friends who want at least one so there are still 4 left. If you are interested send me an email to address listed at my profile.

By jdgabbard

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15-01-2022, 05:35

Sending you an email. I’m interested in acquiring one of these.

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