Help connecting MSX Expert 3 on VGA Monitor

By Angra

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04-05-2015, 21:02


I got this s-video to vgs adapter:

it works when i connect my msx to it and then to my SyncMaster 2232 Monitor

but the colors are all crazy, some pink and orange around the screen. Any ideas?

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By tvalenca

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05-05-2015, 19:29

There's some things that we need to confirm in order to give you the right answer:

- Do your Expert 3 outputs video in PAL-M or NTSC? These CVBS(RCA)/S-VIDEO adapters usually works only with NTSC or European PAL
- Which analog card your Expert 3 uses? A Gradiente original modded to work with V9958 or the new one sold by Maluf? The original one usually distort colors because it is a pain in the ass to have it adjusted properly. Bad encoder layout plus bad components quality.

I'd say the best thing you can do to have a better image from your Expert 3 is get rid of that VGA converter. (I can't say anything about it's image quality without using at least a dozen of bad words, so I won't) Either you get a good VGA monitor that support 200-lines resolutions (15.5 kHz HSYNC like the Commodore 1084, Philips CM8833, Samsung 510N/710N/913T, LG M1721A/M1921A) or you get a good TV set with S-Video input. (and install the new analog card) Anything besides that will be too much of a trouble to get decent image quality on your Expert 3.

By Angra

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07-05-2015, 02:39

i have the maluf video card in it.

By gdx

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07-05-2015, 13:22

I had the same problem with the same adapter. I got an average picture with my Turbo R but the colors were all crazy with my MSX1 HX-10DP. The picture was very very bad.

By sabre470

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07-05-2015, 18:37

I'm sure it's not news to anyone, but if you can afford it return your device and buy an XRGB Framemeister, they are pricey but absolutely worth it. It takes Svideo.

I use it with my MSX1 (and soon MSX2 pending repairs) and several other retro systems and the picture quality is brilliant, no lag. Its outputs are HDMI but you can use an HDMI to DVI adapter, I believe your monitor supports DVI. I use my Framemeister over DVI and it's fab.

Here is F1-Spirit running on it:

I have a source in Japan who sells them at the best possible price around, they now also come with 110/220v adapter. Happy to hook you up.

By tvalenca

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08-05-2015, 22:28

Then you are probably trying to use a PAL-M S-video source with an adapter which only knows NTSC.

Check your analog board for a 3.575611 MHz crystal, change it for one 3.579545 MHz one, and ask Maluf to tell which jumper and capacitors you have to change to have a NTSC S-Video output.

But, again, I can't express how bad I HATE those little CVBS/Svideo to VGA converters.

By wernerkai

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09-05-2015, 08:37

Hello Mr. Angra.

Are you from Brazil ? Sao Paulo ?

Maybe you could ask help to Daniel Kim, or Alexandre Tabajara on this subject.