How to put a Zemmix board inside real MSX case?

By AxelStone

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23-12-2019, 13:30

Hello everyone I'd like to put a Zemmix inside a VG8020 case. It seems ideal distribution since cartridge slots are placed together like the Zemmix, so the only required adaptations are not hard, only use cable expansion to place AC and Joy ports in the correct place. Perhaps the SD should be also visible to have the ability to change content, but this is a small cut in the case.

But here goes the hard one: keyboard. The most complex adaptation is to adapt MSX keyboard to work with Zemmix, this is PS2 connector. I suposse that it's required to use some kind of Arduino board but I'm quite lost.

Someone has performed already this operation? Thanks!

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By ducasp

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23-12-2019, 13:38

You would need a microcontroller (Arduino seems fine) to read keyboard matrix, convert it into serial PS2 communication protocol and send the PS2 codes for key presses and key lifts...

P.s.: by the way, have you checked the spacing between slots? If it is not the same, it is not going to work...

By AxelStone

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23-12-2019, 14:25

I have choosen VG8020 because is ideal for this:

As you can see both slots are under a cover and are in parallel position, not like VG8235 for example. About the keyboard adaptation I supossed something like that, but I'm completely new with arduino and this kind of modifications. Could someone give me a basic orientarion to start with it?


By zPasi

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23-12-2019, 15:09

Basically you'll make a project like this.
and adapt it for VG8020 keyboard. (Of course you don't make the KB PCB, since you already have that part.)

Then you'll have to send PS/2 keystrokes from the Arduino. It's a simple protocol, but most or all PS/2 libraries are for reading, not sending. This project might help, or not. I haven't checked if it works.

So, it may be a challenging little project, but can be done.