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By cax

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22-08-2006, 11:51

Alex_SAT from russian forum asked me to put here some questions in English.
Here we go:

1) On Yamaha YIS805III's motherboard there is a reserved place (and even a hole in the MSX's box) for, as Alex_SAT calls it, "mezzanine module". I've heard somewhere that there exists also video capturing device for Yamaha YIS 805. As we know, V9938 supports external synchronization and it's color bus is bidirectional (all we need is external ADC 3x8). All these signals lead exactly into the mentioned place on a motherboard.

The question is: does anybody know anything about such a module and probably have it's schematics/some other info about it ?

2) Alex_SAT is looking for schematics of a standard mezzanine video-out module for КУВТ-1 Yamaha. The difference between КУВТ-1 and КУВТ-2 versions is that module for КУВТ-1 has PAL-coder and RF-modulator.

3) (probably some offtopic here) In Russia people cannot buy using PayPal, Visa, etc.
Alex_SAT wants to buy Sunrise's CF drive and some SCC or SCC+ cartridge, but the only way he can pay is via Western Union transfer, and he can get the goods via DHL or EMS. Is it possible ?
Can anybody assist him ?

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By sunrise

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22-08-2006, 12:32

It is quite a misunderstanding that if you want to order by Sunrise you need creditcard , nonsense.
I donot see who spread that. Western Union can also,no problemo.
The difference between paying via Western Union /moenygram is that you not can pay to a foundation ,company etc but only to a private person.
But that doesnot mean I can give you my private name and you can pay me in private for the goods sent
So please feel free to order and I give the details !

By Alex_SAT

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24-08-2006, 18:07

Ok. Thanks! Can I contact you ?

By sunrise

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26-08-2006, 12:50

Ofcourse you can contact me on my email adress(es)