Manbow2 => MégaFlashrom Scc+

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By igal

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16-11-2011, 09:40


I would like to have your thoughts about the Manbow 2 hardware !

Some other pictures here =>

And here is now some pictures of the MegaFlasRom SCC+

Some other pictures here =>

On a hardware point of view they are identical ;)

Do you think it would be possible to transform a Manbow 2 cartridge into a MegaFlashRom SCC+ ?

Thanks for your lights on this subject :face:

One last thing : Manbow 2 costs 12€ while the MegaFlashrom SCC+ costs 60€ ;)

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By pitpan

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16-11-2011, 10:19

They look the same to me, but the FPGA will probably have a different program within, making thus reflashing impossible unless you reprogram it. But that's my wild guess about it. I'm still the lucky and proud owner of an "old" MegaFlashSCC and I'm quite happy with it.

By mesiasmsx

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16-11-2011, 15:37

{mod: Hello Igal. I understand that you may not know English, but must respect the rules, you can ask for help from another person or use a web translator to be understood.

On the subject of prices, you can go directly to those responsible for Manbow 2 and Megaflash you clarify your questions and be satisfied ...Thanks}

By igal

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16-11-2011, 18:20

Hello MesiaMsx.

I can not change the subject even being connected.
Can you delete it!

Sorry for the dérrangement.

Thank you.

By Fabf

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16-11-2011, 18:32

Maybe the vendors can come here to clarify the question LOL!
The one filled with a game is cheaper than the empty other Tongue

By retrocanada76

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16-11-2011, 18:56

Well you don't pay only for the hardware cost. You pay for the design, idea, innovation and for the software inside this card.

The megaflashrom is a great product and I think they should keep selling it. 60 EUR is a fair price for a very good quality product. I'm very happy with mine.

By Metalion

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16-11-2011, 19:35

{mod : I pasted the original message in the french forum and translated it here}

By Dantyr

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16-11-2011, 19:36

I agree. The MegaFlashRom is a multiuse cart, not just a one-game cart like the manbow2.
A product price is not measured only by it's physical design, but for it's usefulness.

By Fabf

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16-11-2011, 19:59

I'd like to have a Ferrari (who can't go offroad) cheaper than a jeep (who can go offroad an onroad) LOL!
Sorry your raisonnement is wrong


Enlighted (6091)

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16-11-2011, 20:59

When Manbow2 came out I heard a rumor that these cartridges are identical, but the flash chip of Manbow2 has been programmed with much higher voltage kind of breaking the chip during write so that it can not be erased later anymore. I was also told that replacing the flash chip would make it just standard MegaFlashRom SCC+.

I don't know if this is true, but I understand very well the reasons behind this kind of action. If these cartridges would be identical then it would mean:

- No one would buy Manbow2 with price of MegaFlashRom SCC+ because it would be too expensive for a single game (except if he would need MegaFlashRom SCC+)
- No one would buy MegaFlashRom SCC+ with full price (that includes development costs) if they could get one by buying Manbow2
- Manbow2 would not be considered as "a game cartridge" but "game on a cartridge" -> big ideological loss as we (users) want new hardware.

This kind of reminds me of story of 80486SX when they burned away fully functioning FPU's from the CPU in order to sell the same CPUs with less price. You have probably head similar stories with modern GPU's... Before you say it's all wrong, think a bit... It's kind of same story as with the games. Someone needs to take the effort and use the energy to make the first "ready to be sold" game, no matter was there 1000 sold copies or just 1 sold copy and 999 pirate copies.

By Bastiaan

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16-11-2011, 21:37

Cool design, an extra reason to buy a MegaflashRom SCC+ next to my manbow2 :-)
Glad to see there is some room left inside the cartridge, maybe future versions will even have more functionality!! (I'd like extra RAM, MSX-audio, MSX-music, OS and mass-storage, please)

Manbow2 was originally more expensive than 12 euros i.i.r.c. , so maybe there is some room for a price-drop, or new extras for the same price...

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