MSX to I²C (again)?

By frits9164

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09-05-2012, 15:55

I have a question: Suppose you have an I ² C application on your MSX connected, then the question is how can I control or programming this application on a simple way ? What ways can you solve this problem (for me is it a problem!)the best?
Does someone have experience with this sort of application "MSX to I²C".
Best regards Fritz

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By caro

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10-05-2012, 00:00

Write exactly what the device with I2C interface you want to manage with MSX?
Do I understand that the connection should be as simple as possible, without using additional components.
Then it's easy to connect the I2C device via a joystick port, and using signals TRIG1, TRIG2 as signals CLK and DAT.