Philips VG-8020 and SD-512

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By gdx

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27-09-2020, 12:19

It's better to use the internal mapper of the SD-512 with other device in external because many Roms don't work from secondary slot.

By Manuel

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27-09-2020, 15:47

I still don't get it. If the device is used in Memory Mapper mode, it can be used for many larger games, right? I don't see why another memory mapper would be necessary at all.

By Pentarou

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27-09-2020, 16:12

mzoran wrote:

However this will be able to load only smaller games.

Nope, on an MSX1 the memory left will be plentiful, IMHO ALL the good games will fit. No need to get additional devices.
On an MSX2 it's a different matter, but then you'll probably have an internal mapper or easily expandable memory.
Note: Yes, There could be slowdown, as mentioned by gdx, but according to louthrax:


the Memory mapper mode is not so slow if you set the "Interruption mode" to "None" (almost no noticeable slowdowns in most of the cases).

I haven't tried that though...

JayViking wrote:

I will look into getting a separate memory mapper.

It will be a waste of money. Get an MSX2/MSX2+ instead

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