Searching Jumper setting Eprom print

By Junior

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17-04-2011, 20:18

Hi , i have a Eprom print with the name MSX A.v.K , i'm searching for the jumper setting to use different Eproms

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By Poltergeist

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18-04-2011, 11:09

I think that's the ToEprom programmer made bij Anton van Kinderen...

Dutch manual:

And perhaps this will help?

By Junior

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19-04-2011, 23:24

Hi Poltergeist thanks , that's correct it's from Anton van Kinderen (A.v.K ) .
The info is about the ToProm Programmer and nothing about the Eprom print .

By MSX4ever

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20-04-2011, 03:19


Jumper A: can be used, for a selection between 27,256 and 27,128. A 27256 uses the address line A14 so than jumpers by A should be applied.

Jumper B: this is a pin 27 to 27,128 at 5 V down. The choice will determine the 27256/27128 respectively affixing of A or B.

Jumper C: this is pin 24 (Vcc the connection) to + 5 V produced for 24-pin ICs (2716, 2732).

Jumper D: that connects pin 26 with address line A13 by (for a 28-pin version). This jumper must be affixed on the 27128 and -256. In the 2764 case to pin 26 to plus order; jumper is C, not C and D simultaneously.

Jumper E: This puts pen 23 (28-pin configuration) and pin 21 (at 2732) and to address line All applications for all except the 2716 EPROM to be labeled.

Jumper F: Sets the VPF of a 2716 presentation to the positive

Jumpers G, H en I : The CE terminal of the EPROM can put it to CS12, CS2 or CSL are laid.

- CST is the ROM-select signal address range for 4000 ... 7FFF.
- CS2 for 8000 .. . BFFF both areas simultaneously.
- CS12 (4000 ... BFFF). Up to 27,128 CST or C2 should be chosen for the 256-CS12 version one should use.


By Junior

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24-04-2011, 17:43

Hi , MSX4ever ,

thanks that's the information i need , the only problemis that on my print there are numbers and no letter for the jumper setting .
There's now a 27-256 on it an the jumper 6 and 3 are set.