simple Universal MegaROM Mapper for Konami/ASC8/ASC16 (Unimapper)

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By gdx

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16-05-2022, 13:26

I think hardware released by Konami are limited to 512kB for SCC cartridges (we have to add chips just to manage the writing) and until 128kB for the sound Cartridge.

By mcolom

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16-05-2022, 20:58

Very nice solution with the GALs!

By gdx

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17-05-2022, 02:57

3 GALs are less efficient and probably more expensive than 1 CPLD.

By Pyhesty

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26-05-2022, 09:55

"3 GALs are less efficient and probably more expensive than 1 CPLD."
ver 3
2 GALs for 128-256kB ROM Konami/Konami SCC/ASC8 and 128-512 ASC16
3 GALs for 512kB Konami/Konami SCC/ASC8
ver 2
2 GALs for 128-512kB ROM Konami/ASC8(fix page 0)/ASC16
GALs - for fun and hard, cpld - universal

By Alexey

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29-06-2022, 20:30

I am glad to inform the MSX community, that the Unimapper cartridge project's files have been released into RBSC's Github repository:

If you are willing to commercially produce these cartridges, please contact the RBSC's coordinator. Feel free to check the readme.txt file for more info.

By gdx

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30-06-2022, 01:52

Are there Konami8 of 512kB Roms?

(I prefer to say Konami8 than Konami4 like ASCII8, Zemina8, etc.)

By Manuel

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30-06-2022, 07:52

There are 2 mappers used for Konami games: one without SCC and one with SCC, both using 8 kB blocks. So, in openMSX we call them Konami and KonamiSCC.
The name "Konami4" and "Konami5" make no sense at all, if you ask me, so we never use that anymore since like 15 or 20 years ago.
Konami is possible, but a bit redundant as there are only 8kB block variants.

By gdx

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30-06-2022, 10:17

Koreans made Konami8 and Konam16 MegaRAMs several years ago. Konami16 didn't exist but that's because they made a Konami8 like mapper but with 16K segments. There are also ASCII8 and ASCII16, then Zemina8 and Zemina16. So why not put the 8, behind the Konami like for the others? When nothing is put, it makes uninitiated want to say: "Which Konami mapper?" KonamiSCC is okay because there is no Konami16SCC.

Manuel wrote:

The name "Konami4" and "Konami5" make no sense at all

It makes sense if every mappers are named in the same spirit (ASCII1, ASCII2, etc) but it's not evocative.

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