USB floppy disk drive for PC

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By DerZocker

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13-04-2015, 16:41

Gonna check out this Sony disk drive too. I tried two different USB drives with my laptop and both didn't even bothered to read any DD disks not to mention writing them. I always have to boot up my old tower which I hardly use anymore, when I want to write MSX disks (which strangely only works with Win7, but not on its original XP partition)
Sounds like a good alternative

By gdx

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20-07-2018, 10:55

AxelStone wrote:
gdx wrote:

You can use a USB drive NEC YD-8U10 (many brands selling the same model) or a Logitec LFD-31U/W. No problem. 720KB format, OK. This works on a Mac too.

Drivers for old systems :

(to avoid writing hidden files, write-protects your FDD on recent OSX!)

The problem is the OS, not the drive. If you force with /t:80 /n:9 in Windows 7 console you get an error "parameters not suported".

I found my two other USB drives. So I tried them on Windows 10 pro (x64).

The drive I use from time to time is the NEC YD-8U10, model: PC-VP-BU28/OP-210-74502.

The other two drives are:
- NEC YD-8U10, model: PC-VP-BU04/OP-210-74501
- I/O DATA UF002 Rev.C

I tested several FDD 720k.

The NEC YD-8U10, model: PC-VP-BU04/OP-210-74501 works fine. Read and writing work with all floppy disks tested. MSX Form and FORMAT command under Windows Powershell also work fine.

The NEC YD-8U10, model: PC-VP-BU28/OP-210-74502 and I/O DATA UF002 Rev.C also works but some disks can be read. Disks work fine when formatted with MSXForm.

Windows Powershell formats too with /t:80 /n:9 as parameters.

By lintweaker

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21-07-2018, 08:45

@gdx, thanks for the tip!

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