Shooter games

By TheKid

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23-07-2021, 20:47

Suddently I noticed that most, if not all, shootes are oriented from left to right. The nemesis sage, salamnder, space manbow ect., in all games you fly from left to right. For japanese games this is kind of odd, since they read from right to left. Would be logical to fly from right to left. Come to think of it, the only game I know where you can walk to the left is athletic land, not a shooter ofcourse Smile

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By Randam

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23-07-2021, 20:54

There is a japanese shooting game from right to left just forgot the name atm...

By st1mpy

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23-07-2021, 21:12

This is probably because 0 in x coordinate is on the left side of the screen.

By Manuel

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23-07-2021, 22:26

Universe: Unknown deviates from that Smile

By TheKid

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24-07-2021, 08:25

Ah, i didn”t that one. And indeed it”s oriented from right to left.

By Takamichi

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24-07-2021, 16:04

Whiz Damonne! playable by choosing the MSX FAN menu of Disc Station #15 disk 2 scrolls from right to left. It's the really fantastic MSX1 game worth playing. The backward orientation might be because Vic Viper is the enemy Wink Official website with a link to the dump listVideoMSX FAN manual
Beside the MSX, Namco's arcade Skykid is well known.

To think of the cultural background, Defender which is American and is one of the earliest horizontal scrollers is bidirectional.

By TheKid

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24-07-2021, 23:20

thanks for the tip, the whiz game is nice indeed!

By TheKid

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25-07-2021, 09:47

which reminds me, choplifter is oriented right to left aswell Smile