Problem in Portrait Screen Orientation (Android version).

By Paulo Volkova

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16-07-2015, 18:13

I installed openMSX android version (0.11.0-251) on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet (Android 4.4.2 OS).
In "Landscape Screen Orientation", openMSX works very well, but when configure "Portrait Screen Orientation" (Change Device Configuration > Video Settings > Portrait/vertical screen orientation) the openMSX cuts the image on both sides.

Screenshot with the image cutted

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By Manuel

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21-07-2015, 09:28

I think this is a feature of the Android SDL lib and not of openMSX itself, so I doubt we can do something about it... I'll ask Alex though.

By Alex

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13-09-2015, 12:02

I have asked Pelya, maintainer of the Andoid SDL lib. Will let you know once I have an answer.