Why not a ".TSX" Format for MSX Tapes???

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By Louthrax

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24-07-2017, 23:09

enribar wrote:

But then, are there emulators compatible with TSX?

I don't think so, but you can still convert them back to WAV and test them in openMSX (just for test purposes, that can be interesting). If openMSX supports TSX one day, it will probably do something similar anyway.

By enribar

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25-07-2017, 19:05

@manuel: unfortunately not yet, due to lack of time.
I have to dump in wave multiple copies of a tape, to have a perfect preservation.
You can see a dump made with Tape2Cas here www.msxit.org serching for "Cytoplasm" or Hockey (MSX Hit Parade).

By manolito74

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25-07-2017, 23:31


@enribar unfortunately the MakeTSX Program don't work with Turbo Blocks. NataliaPc, the author of the Program, is working focusing at the moment with the Standard Blocks. She has improved the detection-recognition of this Blocks in a more accurated way. Once this Standard Blocks are perfectly under control the next step is of course the recognition of the Turbo Blocks. I hope this will be possible in a very shor time... ;-)

I have contacted with Klaus, the author of the "ZX Block Editor" in order that his Program recognices directly the ".TSX" extension as a MSX Format. At this momento his Programs work fine with the definition of the MSX Block but in order to work with them you need to rename them to ".TZX".

It is really important to adopt the ".TSX" extension for the MSX in order to avoid confusions with the Spectrum Files and to differenciate clearly both Systems: MSX and Spectrum.

The author of the TZXDUINO is interesed too in the support of the ".TSX" Format. Now the goal is to improve the MakeTSX until the recognizition of the Turbo Blocks be possible, then to create a lot of ".TSX" Files. And of course the aim is that the authors of the different Emulators support this Format. ;-)

So we need as much help as possible, so if anyone wants to collaborate with the creation of ".TSX" Files, giving support, ideas or information to improve all our work will be welcome. ;-)

Thanks a lot. ;-)

By manolito74

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27-07-2017, 15:40

Hello again,

I am pleased to inform you of the following news that our partner NataliaPC has officially confirmed today:

The ".TSX" Format Support is already implemented and running on the VRoBit . According to Alberto, responsible for the Project, he has already added support for Block 4Bh and has been correctly loaded all the ".TSX" Files sent to him, both those containing only MSX Standard Blocks (4Bh) as those containing Turbo Blocks (10h).

Note: Clarify however that although MakeTSX still does not support Turbo Blocks NataliaPC has made some conversion of Games with Load TURBO to ".TSX" but in a somewhat handmade way (and using other Tools) in order to do Tests. ;-)

So from here thank once again to NataliaPC for all her work and her efforts and also thank to Alberto for "adopt" us ... XD

I hope we can use the ".TSX" Format soon in the OpenMSX Emulators (and even in all the MSX Emulators...!)

Thanks & Greetings. ;-)

Pd. Here more info about the VroBIT project:




By manolito74

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02-08-2017, 03:41

The 0.8beta version of the makeTSX is available and includes the following improvements:

- Normalization of the audio before the detection process (can be disabled with -dn).
- Record the WAV once normalized (wav_normalized.wav) to see the result (-outn).
- Record the WAV after applying the wav_envelopped.wav to see the result (-oute).
- Autodetection of baudrate in blocks # 4B (no longer detects only 1200 and 2400).
- Improved detection of Blocks # 20 (Silences) and their integration with other blocks to optimize the total number of blocks.
- Improved Detection of Blocks # 4B.
- Detection of Blocks # 10 (colloquially known as Turbo blocks in the MSX world).
- Detection of Blocks # 12 (Pure tone) but pending improvement.

You can download the Program here:

- Windows -> http://www.zonadepruebas.com/download/file.php?id=5253

- Linux 32 bit -> http://www.zonadepruebas.com/download/file.php?id=5251

- Linux 64 bit -> http://www.zonadepruebas.com/download/file.php?id=5252

The great advance is the recognition of the "TURBO BLOCKS" ;-)

We also have an FTP in which you can upload the versions of ".TSX" files that you are creating (you have to upload them to the "UpLoads" folder). The FTP access data are as follows:

Host: opencomputer.ddns.net
User: anonymous
Port: 21

By manolito74

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17-02-2019, 15:26

Hello again:

I would like to share with you some important news.

-The creation of TSX files continues and continues growing.... (We already have 342...!) And you can find them here:


-The user NataliaPC has published the sources and binaries of his program MakeTSX here:


-Here you have an article about the TSX Format:


-NataliaPC has also published a Tutorial explaining how to generate TSX files:


As I always remind you any help in this project will be welcome.

Thank you and your regards.

By manolito74

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18-12-2021, 15:13

Hello again,

We go on working in the TSX Format and creating more and more TSX Files. ;-)

We have udpated our TSX Web with more games and we have now more than 400 TSX Games. You can find here:


We have a lot of TSX games more already created, pendind of revision to upload at our Web. ;-)

If you want to help us and you have a "MIA" Game (a Game not converted or available) you can help us creating a Wav of the original Game and contacting us. ;-)

Thank you very much indeed. ;-)

Gracias & Saludetes. ;-)

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