Bazix frustrating certain emulation projects

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By Meits

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02-02-2005, 00:09

I'm (in a way) ok with the illegal software part of the story, and that's not what bothers me...

By snout

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02-02-2005, 00:31

Hmmm... did someone summon me? Smile

Well, the e-mail above gives a "somewhat" other idea...That is because another e-mail followed this one and apparently that one wasn't interesting enough to post on public forums Tongue

You make a sequel of the thing they reviewed very positively. You still got your logos on the labels and on some screens. Now the same people warn you for legal actions.Why do you think that would be the case? So far no legal actions were taken by Bazix nor MSX Association towards anyone within the MSX community whatsoever, and it probably won't happen either. Harsh conclusions are made, but are they justified? The talk about legal stuff is mainly to elucidate on what basis our request is made.

If Bazix/Woombs wants to get support from the comunity, it will need to listen to the comunity and it's concernsIt may relieve your concern if I tell you that Bazix highly values the opinion of the MSX community. We try and take all the feedback we receive from the MSX community into consideration.

By mars2000you

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02-02-2005, 00:41

Now DarQ must be happy Tongue

By snout

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02-02-2005, 00:42

Anything to please DarQ... Wink

By Meits

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02-02-2005, 00:42

Now DarQ must be happy Tongue
He's off to bed Tongue

By Sander

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02-02-2005, 01:10

Really, some people here can't read. First of all: most of the people behind have nothing to do with Bazix! Maybe some of us aren't that much around in this forum, but we are in rl.

Second: please see the nuances here. One guy gets a friendly mail because he puts a whole rom package including an emulator online and everybody is ranting "A company can't do that! It's not fair... Nobody told us that it's illegal to use illegal software for the past years so.." Come on!

I'm looking at Bazix from the sideline. And really: those people are nuts putting all their money and free time in trying to get some of the great things the revival has brought and will bring from Japan to us. Please give them a chance.

For the rest: Thanks Thom for your kind words. Most people who throw mud at the mrc really have no clue what offers we made in terms of free time and money to build, maintain and pay for this site.

I am busy -along with many others- with this site for the last ten years. I have done my share. People who are shouting and throwing mud and always only comment on things without really contributing to this site don't have my respect. I bow deeply for our moderators, translators, webmasters and Administrators who put hours and hours of their free time -EVERY DAY- of the week to make this site happen.

I cheerish everyone who sees this, and those who are using this site to contribute to the community, share idea's and be creative in a positive way. Helping each other without using flames to discuss things you think differently about.

I, Bart and Snout had a dream of building a community site. Here it is now. Enjoy it. Because when Snout and Bart decide to leave the MRC because some of you really can't see the good they are doing for the MSX community and the MSX revival EVERY DAY with tremendus effort and love for the community and the MSX system: I will surely pull the plug. Because in all those years only THEY really offered me their devotion and free time to develop a community site that brought the MSX community where it is now. They helped me when I called for them.
I've been around here for the last ten years. I've spend -along with my homies- countless nights, weeks and dineros on hosting bills, travel bills, internet bills to make this happen.

People who are just checking this site out for the last couple of months and start ranting about the MRC doing this and that wrong really just make me feel sick and make me laugh at the same time. Please come back to us after a year of five while using our donate button frequently. Wait! You are that guy that thinks that everything comes free in life right? Wrong. Building a site costs money. Working less hours at a real job to work on the MRC costs money. You have never donated a buck to keep this site hosted but you still think that you know best right? LOL.

Please note that I do appreciate all input this site gets. But if you want to earn my respect and those of us that spend half of our free time on this site you have to do better than start ranting about one (1) friendly mail Bazix sends because it will hurt their business and their relationship with MSXA.

And please: all those people who really think they know best, don't see our efforts and that the MRC really only did and will do good things for the community: please stop telling us that you will never visit the MRC again and that you will build a better community site where everybody can throw mud at you and each other and copying software you didn't make is normal: please stop telling us that and start doing it now. Without the illegal part of course.

Go on! Build a better portal! Keep on ranting about the MRC from your own isle! But don't be suprised when some years from now some n00bs will tell you that everything you do stink. That you really aren't concerned about MSX. That your site only exists so you can make a profit. (Ever hears a foundation making profit)? Our foundation has been build to promote MSX in a legal way, in whatever way we can. Every buck we spend is spend on MSX for the last ten years. Nothing else.

Of course you can discuss Bazix here. But please put your direct questions on mail to Bazix. I and fifteen other team members are not part of Bazix in any way. Really!

MRC is for MSX. Has been for the last ten years. In a legal way like it always have been and will be. Be nice and constructive to each other here and maybe the MRC will be here for another 10 years.
MRC is a hobby project.
MRC is not some professional company that thinks it knows best. But I really think that 18 people who are totally devoted to this site and thus the MSX community, and spend all their free time, deserve some more credit from you.

Did you know that new important decisions regarding the MRC and the direction this site should take are been taken with consensus from our complete team?

MRC is not Bazix. MRC is not a commercial company. 15 MRC team members are not a part of Bazix. Please stop with saying MRC is Bazix. Because that is not how MRC operates or will operate.

I am thinking of proposing a donate system to our team, where every MRC member (you) who donate a small amount of money to help paying our hosting bills also get a vote when MRC needs to make important decisions.

But I have the strong feeling that "those who know better" really still won't donate. Just keep on shouting that they know better than 18 people, some who work daily on this site for the last ten years.

Enjoy the MRC. While you still can.

Kind regards,

-Sander van Nunen. Founder MSX.ORG / Chairman MRC Foundation.

By SLotman

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02-02-2005, 01:16

Just remembering, this was posted a long time ago...

The same concerns back then, the same concerns now :(

By atom

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02-02-2005, 01:26

This login system sux.

By Fudeba

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02-02-2005, 01:31

"Then I am a Jedi?"
"Ohhh. Not yet. One thing remains: Vader. You must confront Vader. Then, only then, a Jedi will you be. And confront him you will."

Dark ages.

By Sonic_aka_T

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02-02-2005, 01:39

Excuse me saying this... well, no, I won't say it... I'll put it differently instead...

Those people that worry so much about this issue are perhaps not fully informed about what it is that the MSX Association intends to enforce.

1) If you use the MSX logo, please state on your site, package or whatever that the logo is not your trademark but someone else's. Big fucking deal! If this is the end of the world for you, you're just a sad-ass loser. It's one tiny line with, if you want, a hyperlink to their page. I mean, please...

2) If you use the MSX logo, please do not sodomize it by making your yellow on pink and green 2342 by 17 pixels logo. Keep the proportions and colors in such a way that it does not negatively impact the logo. This seems fair enough to me.

3) Try not to whine when you're asked not to distribute copyrighted games, apps, warez, system roms and whatnot. This is nothing new, for any platform that is. We all know where to get/keep our warez and know that if we don't splatter it all over the Yahoo! front page no-one is really going to bother us about it. It's just a matter of being discrete about it so the copyright owners do not lose their copyrights due to neglect in enforcing them.

The only thing you could possibly argue about is wether its fair or not for the MSX Association to ask that the MSX logo not be used on unofficial emulators. For me, any emulator is still the same emulator if it doesn't have a logo or two. So far, no emulator has been asked to remove a logo, well, apart from that one front-end that also happened to come with 500+ commercial MSX games. Let's cross that bridge when we... err... cross it...

If getting a new oneChip MSX means that perhaps I'll have to download the system ROMs from some ftp before I can crank up my favorite emu on my PC I have to say I'll gladly take that trade. I really don't see the drama behind having to put "this logo is not mine but someone else's" on a web-page... Big friggin' deal. The fact that you have to be discrete about distributing 500+ copyrighted games illegally is really nothing new...

Anyhoo, my opinion is that blowing things way out of proportion is really not the way to go either...

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