What was the first MSX game you ever played?

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By Ivan

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25-09-2020, 23:59

Difficult question... actually I played MSX games before owning an MSX computer. Probably these were the first ones that I ever played:

  • Monkey Academy on a Sony HitBit HB-10P or HB-20P
  • A game from the Philips Turbo Pack and Hyper Rally on a Philips VG-8020 with monochrome green phosphor monitor
  • Game that I don't remember on a Spectravideo SVI-738 X'Press

The first one that I owned was Coaster Race and I played it on my first MSX computer, a Sony HitBit HB-501P.

By Cripper

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26-09-2020, 09:55

Les Flics on an HB75B in the shop before purchase

By dumfrog

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26-09-2020, 11:35

It was Raid on Bungeling Bay. I still think i'ts a very good game !
So sad, though, that I couldn't print the diploma at the end with my PRN-C41 Sad

By fenama

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26-09-2020, 17:09

The first game I played was Pastfinder, and I still have it Smile2

By ray2day

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26-09-2020, 17:58

Pack-in-videos Rambo.I played at the home of an older neighbour kid on a Philips VG-8235. I will never forget it. Since then I am hooked and addicted to everything with a MSX logo on it.

By Sandy Brand

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27-09-2020, 16:04

The first MSX game I played was the one on the demo cassette that came with my NMS 8020:

Mad Max


By yodh

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14-10-2020, 23:09

Super Cross Force...

Possibly due to the fact that it is my first game ... every time I play with it on an emulator or on real MSX ... almost ... a tear falls ...
Murdoch Crying Smile LOL!

By ducasp

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15-10-2020, 14:40

Well... My first computer ever was a MSX 1, Expert by Gradiente. None of my friends had computers, and at this point most had either Philips Odyssey (in Brazil Odyssey 2 was sold as Odyssey as the original Odyssey wasn't sold here) or Atari 2600 and a few (I considered, my cousin wanted to have an Atari 2600 because all his friends had one, we usually exchanged consoles during vacations and I loved Burger Time, Astro Smash, Shark Shark, etc...) lucky one's had an Intellivision, and even fewer had the Colecovision (I've not seem one personally to tell the truth), and one of my Dad's friend told him that computers would be the future and that the Gradiente Expert was a nice and "affordable" computer to start with...

So, my dad bought the Expert, which came with a Demo cartridge (Ligue-se ao Expert) but the very first thing that the Expert has seen was Konami's Tennis which my Dad bought as a surprise along with Rollerball (both bootlegs that Gradiente erased the name of original's authors and sold, I'm pretty confident they didn't had bought selling rights of those games, weird times). So I've played it quite a few times with my Dad before anything else (and my Dad wasn't fond of videogames, so that was surprising, the only videogame thing he really loved was Gameboy's Tetris, so yes, he used my Gameboy every morning and afternoon playing lots and lots of Tetris).

Surprisingly (or not Tongue ) even though I've tried many times, couldn't get to be a good programmer by then, after a few years a few friends also had either Expert or Hotbit (Machline MSX machine that used Sharp brand without authorization, they had the rights to use the brand on TV Sets, Audio Equipment, etc... not computers, someone in Japan got really irritated they used the Sharp brand on a MSX computer and later they created the "EPCOM" brand) and I was the one that knew better of the system, how to use it, make menus and some other stuff, but not a real programmer, but somehow, that created a really good base of understanding the concepts and basics of computers and their logic and inner works, so I've ended-up as a Computer Electronics Engineer who found out at his late's 20's a passion for computer programming he didn't understand much as a kid... So, very fond memories of that system, and specifically of Konami Tennis, one of the rare gaming moments my Dad and I shared together. Wink

By diogoeichert

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15-10-2020, 17:40

Road Fighter Cool

By Austin

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15-10-2020, 20:18


Which I still have in mint state. :P

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