Kryoflux - unable to dump Illusion City

By pokemontrainer

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04-12-2021, 11:13

Background: I bought a huge MSX collection with hundreds of floppies and original games some time ago. For preservation purposes I want to dump the floppies. For this I bought a Kryoflux and a NOS Sony Floppy drive.

To do an initial test, I used Illusion City diskettes and use the Kryoflux tool to create the stream files. I then used the HxC tool (by drag + drop of the first stream file, rest gets loaded automatically) to convert it to DMK. These files are then around 1MB per floppy. As suggested in another thread here I also converted it to .img and then renamed this to .dsk, in that case the file is around 720kB.

If I load it as floppy image in openMSX (with FS-A1GT profile and rom) it just stays stuck in an endless loop in case of the .dmk
If I load the .dsk (originally .img) the game loads but an error appears that the copy protection blocks further loading.

Does any of you have a suggestion how I can get a proper image that preserves the copy protection and is correctly loaded in openMSX? I want to make sure to have the correct workflow before attempting to dump these hundreds of floppies.

Illusion city is in a original game box with both manuals and all, hence I am pretty sure it is genuine. Besides the 8 game floppies there is also a crack + translation disk, although I suspect that it was used because of the translation.

My real FS-A1GT is currently undergoing repair + mod (audio mod), hence I sadly cannot test the game on the real device.

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By sdsnatcher73

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05-12-2021, 06:36

I‘ve had a similar issue when dumping Snatcher. I used DMK.COM on supported MSX hardware (Sony HB-F900) but the DMK file loaded into openMSX, the Konami logo was shown but then it keeps on loading… maybe a form of protection that is not supported by DMK?

By Manuel

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05-12-2021, 14:58

READ-DMK.COM should be able to dump it into a DMK file on a real MSX. But as that one is currently not available for you...

I don't know anything about the HxC tool. Perhaps it's buggy? Or it's an openMSX issue. So, it would be good to ask Wouter of our team to take a look at what's going on. He's an expert Smile

By pokemontrainer

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06-12-2021, 11:31

I have now a working solution to convert kryoflux files of MSX floppies to dmk and maintain 'broken' sectors of copy protections that make use of this method:
You will need the HxC tool to convert the images.

Problem: the conversion to .dmk in HxC is not reliable depending on the source format, also with e.g. img (renamed to dsk) you lose the broken sectors of the copy protection. Converting directly from kryoflux to dmk results in broken images. I found a post with a workaround ( with the .hfe format that also works with kryoflux:

1. Load the stream files in HxC by drag-and-drop the first stream file onto the HxC tool.
2. Convert to .imd
3. load .imd in the HxC tool
4. convert to dmk

You now have a working .dmk that you can load e.g. in openMSX
@mods maybe something to add to the wiki?

By sdsnatcher73

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06-12-2021, 12:18

And last but not least, please share any dmk’s with tfh (aka the file-hunter). That way they will be preserved and easy to find.

By tfh

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06-12-2021, 13:36

Yes Smile Please send a copy of these dumps to M S X @ F I L E - H U N T E R . C O M and I'll make sure they get preserved for future generations of MSX-ers Smile