the dark zx spectrum (FPS), possible on MSX?


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13-07-2020, 16:08

I was wondering if something like this would be possible on MSX.

This runs on a plain 48k zx spectrum.

We've already seen a great first person 3d game on msx1 with tales of popolon. So maybe this game would be possible on msx as well...
I'm not a programmer unfortunately but maybe someone can tell me if it would be possible.

Thanks in advance! :)

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13-07-2020, 17:31

Yes, I think that would be possible... Not easy for sure, but possible. Smile

I think most impressive example of this genre is Artrag's raycasting engine:

Unfortunately it is not a real game and it is targeted for MSX tR, so not quite on a par... ToP is indeed best example for MSX1.

By santiontanon

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13-07-2020, 18:08

This "The Dark" seems to use 8x8 tiles for everything, right? A general raytracer is tricky, but something approximate with tiles like The Dark seems doable!

By pgimeno

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13-07-2020, 20:27

I agree with NYYRIKKI and santiontanon, that looks doable. Raycasting 8x8 tiles like The Dark does, is not as hard as raycasting pixels, there are far fewer of those.


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14-07-2020, 06:44

Artrag's raycasting engine is awesome indeed!
Cool to know that it is doable. It is a great game to play. Big smile