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By Grauw

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16-04-2022, 20:45

Grauw wrote:

I converted Daytona USA from MultiPCM to OPL4:

Daytona USA (OPL4).zip

The Yamaha YMW258-F aka MultiPCM is the ancestor of the WAVE section of the Yamaha YMF278B OPL4, so there are a lot of similarities, but the conversion applies dynamic channel (re-)remapping to get the channel count down from 28 to 24.

The longer tracks need an OPL4 with 2 MB of sample memory, and sufficient system RAM as well.

And I also converted the other MultiPCM packs to OPL4:

MultiPCM to OPL4

I haven’t tested these as thoroughly as Daytona, but in a superficial inspection they sound good. Additionally, I think most of these are a lot lighter on the sample memory than Daytona is, some Wing War tracks require 1 MB and for the rest 640 kB ought to be enough.

Missing are Virtua Fighter and Virtua Racer; those use two MultiPCM chips and that’s a bit too much for our good ol’ MoonSound (and also my converter doesn’t support it).

By Parn

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18-04-2022, 06:42

This sounds amazing. I think an MSX playing Daytona music in a meeting is sure to turn some heads. I wonder, would it be also possible to convert Sega OPM+PCM packs (like Out Run, Power Drift, Super Hang On, After Burner etc.) to OPM+OPL4?

By Grauw

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19-04-2022, 15:09

Should be. Though for those I would ideally add support to VGMPlay directly. But that may take a while still, so short term an off-line conversion may be a faster way to be able to listen to them.

By Parn

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19-04-2022, 19:40

Thanks, Grauw. VGMPlay currently tops the ranking of my most used MSX software. I'm looking forward its future. Smile

By igal

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24-04-2022, 18:24

Hi all.

Can i playing this vgm without an emulator?

Winamp play vgm only for master sytem!

Thanx for help Smile

By Manuel

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24-04-2022, 18:58

vgmplay is an MSX program, so yeah. If you have the proper sound hardware on your MSX, you can play a lot of different VGM files on it.

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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24-04-2022, 19:16

@igal Winamp has complete and updated VGM plug-in You can retrieve by VGMRips site forum about VGMPlay / in_vgm B-)

By Grauw

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18-05-2023, 18:27

I released VGMPlay 1.4. A small release this time.


  • New chips: SAA1099
  • New sound expansions: SoundStar
  • Fixed MSX-AUDIO muting

By Pac

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04-06-2023, 19:29

Today, I realized that more arcade games that used the SCC sound chip were uploaded to VGMRips. I thought that Hexion was an exception. Even there are a Mario version developed by Konami itself! Anyway, the songs are not as elaborate as the MSX ones. Tongue

By ToriHino

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31-07-2023, 23:54

While trying out some things for the soundtrack of Petscii Robots, it looks like I ran into a bug in VGMPlay.
I tried playing a VGM file for OPL2, but when played in VGMPlay 1.4 it sounds quite different from playing it in for example Foobar 2000 under Windows.

This is the VGM file used.

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