What combinations of soundchips?

By RetroTechie

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12-07-2019, 15:09

..are actually used in existing MSX software? Either games, music editors, demo's, test software, whatever.

For example SCC + PSG should be very common. MSX-Music + MSX-Audio also. That, +PSG? Probably. But what about more exotic combinations?

Say, MSX-Music + Moonsound. Or SCC + PSG + MSX-Music. Or test software that exercises all soundchips known to MSXkind all at once? What combinations do you know of, and what software does it? I don't mean where you can choose between X alternatives, but rather where they're used at the same time (mixed). Or ones that require multiple instances of chips (eg. 2x YM2413) by way of hardware support or emulation.

With the plethora of soundchips used on MSX, there should be quite a selection in this regard I suspect. Unless programmers tend to stick to 1 or 2 preferred chips, and using more / uncommon combination of soundchips is rare.

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By Manuel

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12-07-2019, 16:13

Check out Super Music Editor 3 by Xelasoft... Including the demos.

By alexito

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12-07-2019, 17:10

Check Tiny Yarou Technical demos he's using YM2413x3 and Y8950x2


By meits

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12-07-2019, 17:31

Only one computer allowed or more at the same time? :P

By Pac

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12-07-2019, 20:24

MSX-MUSIC + SCC + PSG was very common among Japanese users. You can download a giant music pack from the Worp3's website. There are a lot music files here.

By Pencioner

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12-07-2019, 20:37

There are some vgms which use YM2203 + OPLx chips (like Data East system used YM2203+YM3812)