Yuu-kun no Chokin - unreleased Mario-style platformer (MSX2)

By Szczepaniak

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29-06-2015, 16:48

Here's a world exclusive maybe the MSX community can help me with. I'm currently editing my interview with Tetsuya Yamamoto, and have this gem of a paragraph:
It was an MSX2 game commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The title was something like Yuu-kun no Chokin,* something like that... It's a sidescrolling game similar to Mario. You pick up mail and put it in mailboxes. The game was developed for Japan Post, but I don't know what they did with it. I don't think there's a copy of it anywhere.
The post office people didn't know anything about games, and they wanted the character to have fingers, but there weren't enough pixels to show more than a round blob for the entire hand. I received an illustration of the character from the post office.

* ゆうくんの貯金, lit. "Yu-kun's Savings"

I've trawled the net and found nothing. No trace. Has anyone here even heard of it? It's entirely possible the game never saw any kind of release. And yet, I'm hopeful, because Komainu Quest was found, archived, and there's YouTube vids of it online (really cool backstory to that game).

Keep in mind he wasn't certain on the name, so it might be different. That's all I've got.

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By Grauw

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29-06-2015, 21:10

Looking forward to the interview. Can’t help with the game!

By Opethian

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30-06-2015, 15:10

this is relevant to my interests