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By ddehaan

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20-06-2015, 19:21

Hi everyone,

I'm a big fan of the Ben Heck show on YouTube. The latest episode (part 1 of ...) mentioned MSX.

He's building a gameboard with a Z80, a Collecovision and Sega Master System BIOS and RAM chips. When he finishes these two systems, he wants to add another system, maybe a MSX.

You can watch the episode here:

Kind regards,
Dennis de Haan

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By CX5Mer

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20-06-2015, 21:45

It looks very interesting. I wonder how anyone could ever learn to do something like that. I bought a science fair type kit containing about 39 projects, but I've only done five of them. The remaining projects are nothing like as sophisticated as in that video.

By Manuel

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20-06-2015, 23:18

The good news is that digitally, these early 80s homecomputer components are not that complex... Just takes some time to get used to the concepts, but I'm fairly sure that most technical-minded people can understand the basics in not too much time.

By Vampier

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21-06-2015, 21:41

He mentioned MSX a few episodes back too.

By Manuel

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21-06-2015, 23:11

Which episode(s)?