FOR SALE: SONY MSX2+ HB-F1XV w/ box, Creative Tools, fresh FDD belt (USA seller, will ship global) --$360 + shipping--

By digital_morrison

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25-07-2017, 03:46

FS: SONY MSX2+ HB-F1XV - $360 + shipping

(see photos, open photos directly for more detail)
-Excellent overall, only a few small scuffs on the bottom of the unit. The exterior has essentially no other blemishes and no discoloration. The cool metallic Creative Tools decal is very clean.
-FDD belt only has a couple months of wear
-Includes box (some discoloration and wear), styro, and three Creative Tools disks.

I have personally verified the following features and will test again before shipping:
-keyboard keys → OK
-cartridge read → OK
-FDD read → OK
-composite A/V → OK
-PSG sound → OK
-FM sound → OK
-joypad in port 1 → OK

Please get in touch if you would like me to test other features or even make a video of the unit in operation. Otherwise, all sales are final, YMMV, caveat emptor, etc., etc..

Paypal is best for international buyers, even tho I hate using it :[

Thanks for looking!

I can link you to my ebay account if you need "proof" of previous sales.

Also, if this helps, here's a photo of my MSX testing area. I try to take it seriously, with a voltage down converter, Framemeister, etc..

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