FS Philips NMS8250 upgraded

By Guts

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17-06-2015, 22:41

Hi want to sell my Philips NMS8250, this system come from Repair-Bas.
So many fixes are done, and there also some upgrades. Like: FastDisk 1.8,Memory Counter,60HZ sub rom, second disk drive and 128k extra memory upgrade (256k totaal!). The case and front are in good shape, the sytem works fine.

Price is 80 euro without shipping.

When shipping I will do my best for packing.

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By Warchild

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18-06-2015, 01:02

Hi Guts, is there any chance to reserve it? I'm out of money until this month ends. Does it have qwerty keyboard?

By Wierzbowsky

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18-06-2015, 02:31

80 euros? It's almost nothing for such a computer. The shipment will be expensive as it is quite heavy. Besides, when shipping it make sure it does not wobble inside the box or you will get the front panel shredded. That happened to my 8280 during shipment. Had to glue everything together for 2 days...

By bitsofbas

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18-06-2015, 10:44

I'm interested too! I've got a 8250, but it was damaged in transport ( from the Netherlands to Spain! ) so I'm looking for one that is in good shape :-) Let me know!

By Grauw

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18-06-2015, 11:05

Yes be super careful with packaging the front panel, it is very brittle.

By bitsofbas

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18-06-2015, 11:22

Yeah, mine came packed up pretty sturdy, but even so the front arrived in several bits and I think the inside got roughed up a bit as well -- They must really be throwing these parcels around like nobodies business. -- Needless to say I was in tears.

I'd be happy to pay for good packing material if needed.

By Guts

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18-06-2015, 21:28


By tranx

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23-06-2015, 23:26

My parents sent mine from Spain to California and it came in literally a thousand pieces. For a while I had to use a ceiling fan switch to power it on. I ended up buying one from Bas which came from the Netherlands in perfect condition