real 2 button msx joystick

By sergem

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20-12-2004, 21:49

hi there,

I'm in the search of a REAL MSX joystick/gamepad with two SEPERATE buttons, sorry for the caps but I want to focus U on this...
I really like that one that Sony ones have made (dont know the modelnumber but it look somekind like a shifting gear of a sportscar...)
I can pay you with bank subscribe or Paypal
I live in Belgium

by the way, great site, msx really still lives here in holland!


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By MSi

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20-12-2004, 22:16

in Nederland they sold 2 separate buttoned joysticks from the brand Arcade. They were very good quality. Maybe you can find them on e-bay?

By BiFi

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21-12-2004, 06:54

Yeah, it's called the Arcade turbo and those joysticks were almost indestructable.

By sergem

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21-12-2004, 16:46

ok thanks guys,i guess i will look around e-bay for it then.

By Serico

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21-12-2004, 20:51

Hi sergem,
I can sell you those Arcade joysticks.
You can contact me on: .
See ya...