[WTS] MSX-2 VG-8235 220-240v all original

By o.geerdink

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27-09-2021, 07:34

Hi guys,

I recently got this machine in a lot of stuff I 'needed'. As I have enough 8235's I am selling this one. It is in very very good condition, I found 1 scratch near the cartridgeport. It was bought by a commodore fan who bought it to play space manbow on it. He used it rarely and never used the keyboard which shows. The mechanism to lift up the keyboard is also in great condition and the back cartridgeport is still closed and was never used.

The floppy drive belt is gone, I am not servicing it as in my experience people who buy these machines either replace the floppy drive (and ROM) to a double sided beltless floppy drive or gotek or use some kind of SD/flashrom cartirdge.

The machine works great, all keyboard keys work great. So if you're looking for a good msx 2 and combine it with a gotek or sd/flashrom cartridge this might be the one for you. No yellowing, no damage, no elbowspots etc.

Asking price is 299 (buy now) but you can make me an offer and decide in 2 weeks if someone bid enough if asking price is not reached. Comes with power cable and a scart cable. Properly packaged.

Kind regards,


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By Pencioner

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27-09-2021, 11:42

cool machine in perfect condition, if i had funds i would buy Smile good luck selling and i hope it ends up in some fellow MSX lover's hands who will enjoy it much Smile

By o.geerdink

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27-09-2021, 12:34

Yes I actually have another one in this condition but have replaced the rom with the fast 8245 rom and put a pc diskdrive in it. So this one I don't need otherwise I wouldn't sell it. Even though it's over 30 years old it doesn't look like that at all. It looks better than the keyboard of the PC I'm typing this text on Evil