Best MSX1 game ever. [nominations]

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By snout

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18-04-2003, 15:46

Ok... after the excitement of the Solid Snake vs SD-Snatcher poll the time has come to do something different. We're going to vote for the best MSX1 game ever. How are we going to do this?

well... the first step is simple: You can post a message on the forum sending us nominations. All nominations will be added to a list.

Then, a huge list of pairs will be made in random order


Nemesis 1 - No Fuss
Athletic Land - Circus charlie
etc. etc. etc.

That's when round 1 of the voting starts. You, the visitors of the MRC forum, have to send in which of these games you like the most.

So, you can reply with

Nemesis 1
Circus Charlie

(for instance)


No Fuss
Athletic land


Every round the ammount of games running for 'best MSX1 game ever' will be halved. In the end, the last games will battle on the frontpage poll. But lets just start with the nominations...

All nominations sent before april 21st, 23:59 will be counted. After that this topic will be locked and the first round of voting will start shortly after. If all works out well, we'll have more 'best ... ever' contests like this in the future. Bring 'em on!!!

By CrazyMad

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18-04-2003, 16:12

I want to nominate these games:

Hyper olympic 1
Hyper olympic 2
Hyper sports 1
Hyper sports 2
Hyper sports 3
Hyper rally
Who dares wins 2
Antartica (penguin adventures 1)
Athletic land
Konami soccer
Konami ping pong
Kings Valley 1
Keystone kapers
Lazy Jones
Green Beret

Greetz CrazyMad

By Maggoo

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18-04-2003, 16:20

Damn, there are so many... Ok let's see:

* Nemesis 2
* F1 Spirit
* Athletic Land
* Hero
* Magical Tree
* The Hyper Sport serie
* Konami football
* Konami Ping pong
* Konami Billard (was plain but fun)
* Antartic adventure
* King's Valley 2
* Beamrider
* Vaxol

... and I don't know how I could forget...

* Knightmare
* Thexder
* Zanac

By snout

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18-04-2003, 16:30

here's a few ones whe should not forget

Magical Kid Whiz
Salamander (was MSX1, right?)
Rise out
Konami Tennis

By Latok

msx guru (3867)

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18-04-2003, 16:52

Oh Shit!
City Connection
Sky Jaguar.....

And O yeah..........Knightmare Tongue Tongue

By SLotman

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18-04-2003, 17:06

These are just some games I wasted my youth with:

Antartic Adventure
Kings Valley 1
Road Figher
Feud/Magic Conflict/whatever name it was
Auf Wiedersehen Monty
Freddy Hardest
Konami's Ping Pong
Year Kung Fu 2
Elevator Action
Knight Lore
The Way of the Tiger
BCs Quest
Raid on Bungebeling Bay
Boulder Dash
Death Wish 3
Hyper Rally
Mad Mix
Magical Tree
Mr Chin
Navy Moves
Star Quake
The Castle
Wec Le Mans

And if MSX1 - MegaROM games could be entered also, here it goes:
F1 Spirit
Super Laydock
Kings Valley 2
Penguin Adventure

And I still think I'm missing something here ^_^

By snout

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18-04-2003, 17:13

whoa! Massive list. Who's next!?

please try and see if the titles you're nominating are already submitted. Saw quite some double entries already Wink

By chaos

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18-04-2003, 17:17

Sega's Penguin
Hole in One
Manic Miner
Eric and the Floaters

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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18-04-2003, 18:44

Nemesis 3
The Maze of Galious
Les Flics
The Heist
Jet Set Willy 2

oh, and that other game, euhm, the one with the, ehh... you know Smile

By BiFi

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18-04-2003, 19:39

Quite some titles, with quite some doubles as well Smile

I don't think we have any problems choosing from these lists. I would like to add the very cool Vacumania, though...

By enribar

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18-04-2003, 20:03

Konamy's Soccer
Penguin Adventure
Ninja Princess
Star Soldier

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