Best MSX1 game ever. [nominations]

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By snout

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18-04-2003, 20:29

oh, and that other game, euhm, the one with the, ehh... you know Smile

Strippoker?! Smile

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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18-04-2003, 20:32

I don't think we have any problems choosing from these lists.

just to make sure there are no misunderstandings: we will not CHOOSE from the list, every nomination enters the first round. 83 games are in there already, I was surprised it took some posts before Maze of Galious came along.

I'd like to add Fuzzball, Inspector Z, Pippols, Frogger and Yie ar Kung fu 1, which makes a total of 88 games. We want more!! Smile Have a look into your collection, what were the very first MSX games you actually enjoyed?

By BiFi

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18-04-2003, 20:42

>>oh, and that other game, euhm, the one with the, ehh... you know Smile<<

Strippoker?! Smile

Starship Rendezvous? Smile
oh no, that's MSX2

By sunrise

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18-04-2003, 21:01

you wan strippoker?
-Red lights of amsterdAM
-Sweet acorn
-International karate
-Master of the lamps (good music too)
-L affaire
-Kinderen v.d. wind
-doneky kong

-nuts & milk
-time pilot
-vera cruz

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9971)

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18-04-2003, 21:34

topple zip (yeah nostalgia! my first ever game on msx, nice colorfull shooter)
boulderdash (... sorry can't help it Smile)

By snout

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18-04-2003, 21:38

no, not Starship Rendezvous or Red Lights of Amsterdam, those are MSX2 strippoker games ^_^ There actually is an MSX1-strippoker game. Just plainly called 'Strippoker' IIRC. I'll add it to the list.

Sunrise submitted some nice games, some doubles, but also a few MSX2 games. Keep in mind, only MSX2 games this time. Maybe we'll do an MSX2 competition later ;P

By chaos

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18-04-2003, 21:40

isnt "Samantha Fox" a real strippoker game for the MSX 1?
though I don't think it should be nominated, cause the game sucked..
GFX were bad, I rather see Samantha in more colors Tongue

By sjoerd

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18-04-2003, 22:15

BoulderDash 2
Eggerland Mustery

By Guillian

Prophet (3504)

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18-04-2003, 23:51

La Abadia del Crimen

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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19-04-2003, 02:13

Oh oh! Sweet Acorn! I shouldda mentioned it... It was one of my favourite games...
Ok, uhm...

Ninja Jajamaru-kun

This game rulez!

Other games I had fun with in the early days:
Car Jamboree
Krak Out
Dr Livingstone I presume (Dr. Livingstone Supungo) (actually I played the MSX2 version, but there's MSX1 version too.. Just like Goody)

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