Best MSX1 game ever. [nominations]

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By BiFi

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19-04-2003, 13:50

no, not Starship Rendezvous or Red Lights of Amsterdam, those are MSX2 strippoker games ^_^ There actually is an MSX1-strippoker game. Just plainly called 'Strippoker' IIRC. I'll add it to the list.
Starship Rendezvous is no strippoker game...
Sunrise submitted some nice games, some doubles, but also a few MSX2 games. Keep in mind, only MSX2 games this time. Maybe we'll do an MSX2 competition later ;P
I think you mean this time only MSX1 games Smile

By Manuel

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19-04-2003, 14:02

Best MSX1 game? The Maze of Galious!!
But OK, it was mentioned before. Smile

By Arjan

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19-04-2003, 23:22

Lemme add some games too!

Cabbage Patch Kids
Eggerland 2
Hunch Back
Juno First
J.P. Winkle
Konami's Boxing
Konami's Golf
The Apeman

And I found a typo in the list: Jagur -> Jaguar

By anonymous

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20-04-2003, 00:28

No, Jagur is Jagur. A RPG/shooting game by Hudson Soft and Compile.

By anonymous

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20-04-2003, 11:16

There's only one option:

**** TERRAMEX ****

Best game ever!

By drizo72

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20-04-2003, 19:08


There was only one game that was making my room fill with amazing melodies and my MSX look like GOLD:


on the 32KB basis.

It was something about this game... I do not know...

Anyway, on the 128KB basis, MAZE OF GALIOUS is the one! Look no further...

I've got the KMII-Maze of Galious shortly after I bought my MSX2 (NMS-8245)

The game was so perfect that at the beginning I thought that it was an MSX2 game!
Along of course with Penguin Adventure!!! Another Masterpiece.

What melodies, what gameplay, what an atmosphere, what times!!!!

Thank you Konami for letting us experience what real games should "feel" like!

Thank you MSX for making it all happen.


By Rafol

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20-04-2003, 21:08

Here's a little list. Only good stuff!!!

Nemesis 2 (best shoot-em-up)
Shalom (english translation almost finished!!!)
Hydlide 3 (great RPG)
King's valley 2 (awesome music)
La abadia del crimen (still best spanish game ever!!!)

By anonymous

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21-04-2003, 00:13

Oil's Well

argh.. there are so many cool games I can't even remember ^^;;;
Do we have "Jack the Nipper" yet? I never liked the game, but it seemed to be popular at the time.

By snout

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21-04-2003, 00:25

Jack the Nipper! The birth of snout! Smile

By Sama

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21-04-2003, 01:20

Almost all the games have been mentioned already, except for one:


This game should really be added as well.

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