Maximum system requirements

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By Arjan

Paladin (782)

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13-10-2003, 12:27

wolf_, all moonsound versions can be upgraded to at least 1024k. still, it's more likely a v1 would be upgraded to 512k instead of 640k since it 's harder to upgrade.

By RamonMSX

Expert (126)

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13-10-2003, 13:27

MSX type: turboR
Internal RAM : 512kB
External RAM: 1024kB
MSX-Music (turboR & FM-Stereo Pak)
MSX-Audio (Philips Muziekmodule)
CompactFlash (2x 64Mb)
MIDI (Philips Muziekmodule + Roland SoundCanvas)

By Argon

Paragon (1126)

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13-10-2003, 13:36

Philips NMS-8250 (rebuilt internal PC PSU, 1MB internal RAM, V9958(MSX2+), 7MHz, basic 3.0 rom)
IDE interface
FM Stereo PAK and/or FM-PAC
512KB memory mapper (not really needed with 1mb internal)
SCC sound cartridge

By sunrise

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13-10-2003, 14:09

snout, we need one more detail to the list: the moonsound version. This way we can investigate the possible ram upgrade possibilities for the moonsound. 640k users probably have v2 (128+512), v1 users have 512 ... but we can't make a guess about the version number if ppl have 128k ..!

I donot have to guess

200 Moonsounds version 1
100 Moonsounds version 2.0
75 Moonsounds version 2.1

By Latok

msx guru (3908)

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13-10-2003, 14:23

MSX type: turboR
1MB Internal RAM
4MB External RAM
256kB Sample RAM
Moonsound (512kb sram)
IDE interface
SCSI interface

By sunrise

Paragon (1091)

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13-10-2003, 14:26

Something in general also from my side

I think this kind of info everyone gives is not straight relevant.
Placing myself in the situation of a programmer you can do two things

1. Make a game for 'normal'msx users from msx2 or higher
-requires fmpac/msx audio and Moonsound ( I go along with the experience
that wolf/arjan stated , so the minimum should be 512K sRAM)
Because you cannot exclude people that have no moonsound or fmpac or
-Minimum 128 K internal ram IF you want to boot from floppy.
Minimum 256 IF you want from hd(scsi/ide/CF doesnot matter)
Because that indicates you use dos2 and requires thus space extra space'to use
moonsound as well as HD
- It had be possible to install of HD (SCSI/IDE/CF)

2. Program something for GFX9000 especially
Requirements the same as regards the sound
Minimum ram 128K
Almost sure a slotexpander
Take care of the fact that it had to run from msx-2 and higher also
For msx2 (+) users 7.16 Mhz advisable
Installation also must be possible on HD

3. An unanswered question remains , what should be presented for the ones with a MSX-1
fIRST it is necessary that they can their games from Harddisk /CF/SCSI that they
bought and were not able to play due to the almost impossible way to get a
floppydrive external

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10076)

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13-10-2003, 14:55

Well, the opl4 ram issue becomes relevant if someone makes music for 640k, while many users have 512k on a v1 model. These ppl need to upgrade to 1mb I guess then.

However, is it possible for v1/512k users to sell their 512k sram to v2 users with 128k (is it compatible?) ?

PS. rob, do you also have statistics about the amount of opl4 sram you sold ? (size and quantities)

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1784)

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13-10-2003, 19:09

wolf_, all moonsound versions can be upgraded to at least 1024k. still, it's more likely a v1 would be upgraded to 512k instead of 640k since it 's harder to upgrade.

Not true! When I had my v1.0 Moonsound upgraded, Koen actually said it was easier to upgrade to 640kB at once, probably because then he didn't have to desolder the old SRAM Wink

By sunrise

Paragon (1091)

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13-10-2003, 20:28

Relevant if ofcourse 512 or 640 for the sram.
For irrelevant I held scc, choosing or cf or scsi /ide whatever and on turbor or not etc
All buyers of a Moonsound first series have 128K.
As Jorrito stated it is easier as Koen told him to upgrade to 640.
So then the choice is obvious 640 to become standard.
But for Sunrise (me ,koen , peter) the priority lays on something else.
Meaning this , that Koen is needed for more things inside Sunrise and that he has thus not much time for upgrading at once. So if everyone comes directly ... he might say sorry !

By pitpan

Prophet (3153)

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13-10-2003, 21:02

1. Make a game for 'normal'msx users from msx2 or higher

So, if I use a MSX1 then I am a sub-normal MSX user with a sub-normal system?
Am I offended??? Definetly YES...

No, I'm joking, but please remember that most of us started with a MSX1 machine and we should pay respect to that fact. Also it will be good to continue creating things for them. I am sure that you have player mostly MSX1 games if you count the total MSX gaming hours in your whole life.

So, from here I propose the "minimum system requirements" thread.

Kind regards,

Ed Robsy

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