Which MSX has the best design? [nominations]

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By snout

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16-07-2004, 00:21

In this forum thread you can post nominations for the 'Which MSX has the best design' megapoll. A complete nomination consists out of brand name and complete type. Example:

Philips NMS-8245.

The Nippon 2003 computers photoshoot and the MSX Hardwarelist might come in handy. You can send in your nominations until July 23rd, 23:59 CET. Keep in mind, that this megapoll is all about looks, not about specifications! You can nominate as much MSX computers as you like. Good luck!


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16-07-2004, 00:26

I go for the example Smile

NMS-8245 is my favorite. I love the keyboard of the thing! And I grew up with it Smile

Second NMS8250. I'd like the idea of an extended keyboard. And there's so much space you could add several hardware inside!

3rd. Turbo-R GT... It just looks.. Geil Smile

4th: I'll just add the VG8020. It was my first MSX and It had a neat design imho

By chaos

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16-07-2004, 00:53

nms 8245 is my favourite too, same reasons as IC has.
thought i'm now more used to a 8250 KB.

Ofcourse the red Sony HB-101 should be nomited too. Case modding in it's early years! Tongue

By Whizzy

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16-07-2004, 01:08

For me the list is as follows:

1. SANYO Wavy 70FD (2+ machine with 2 disks built-in)
2. NMS 8245 ( Just love it )
3. Turbo -R

By snout

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16-07-2004, 01:15

Whizzy: Which turboR? the FS-A1-GT or the FS-A1-ST? Or both?

By J-War

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16-07-2004, 01:25

My favorite is the BLACK Panasonic FSA1-WSX which is even more beautiful than the TurboR

By snout

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16-07-2004, 01:43

Added both the FS-A1-GT and FS-A1-ST turboR computers to the list of nominees. For suggestions, you can also check the Nippon 2003 computers photoshoot (edited the newspost and firstpost of this thread with this suggestion as well). So, who's next?! :)

By Sama

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16-07-2004, 02:25

Is fMSX on a Nokia 6600 a legitimate nomination? Tongue

If not, I'll nominate the good old Philips VG8020 Smile

By Arom77

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16-07-2004, 04:25

My favorite is the BLACK Panasonic FSA1-WSX which is even more beautiful than the TurboR

Yeah true !
I remember you was selling one on ebay months ago by the way, do you still have one ? Wink
Simple curiosity, as I have a - simply smart - turbo-R ST at home.

I'd add Sony HB 700.
I know it might sounds strange but this one made me dream when I was young with my Canon V20 and I really find it beautiful.

By ro

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16-07-2004, 08:35

1. FSA1-WSX indeed is beautifull
2. Sony HB 700 series (nice white and powerfull design)
3. Any turbo R I quess... they look mighty (I do own an ST but the GT looks a bit more agresive I suppose so in the end I'll vote for the GT)

By [D-Tail]

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16-07-2004, 09:07

Hmz... Sony HB-F1XDJ, Red Sony HB-11, Yamaha SX-100, National FS-4700F with built in printer, National FS-5000 Super MSX with 2 built-in drives and a trackball connected onto the keyboard Smile

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