Undeadline - The Caves Music Remake

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By Low_Profile

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15-06-2005, 21:27

Yes, the spree continues...

I didn't have inspiration to change the Ruins theme yet, so i decided to begin with the next song from Undeadline.

This time i tried not to make an exact 1on1 copy of the song, so here we go:


suggestions are, as always, welcome ofcourse :)

Enjoy ^_^

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By Sonic_aka_T

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15-06-2005, 21:39

Just make sure you keep 'em coming till my Undeadline BGM CD is full! Tongue

By Abi

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15-06-2005, 22:28

well it is not bad at all.
Only that in my opinion the music is too sweet, compered to the original this is too soft.
but it is nice to listen to this one Wink nice work

By Gilneas2

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15-06-2005, 23:28

I am afraid of missing a song! I now have the Menu, Ruins preview and Caves theme Smile

heheh I made it sound like collectable cards.
Also, I downloaded an X86k emulator and it's got Undeadline with a few more worlds (but it's a lot more difficult, I haven't been able to get very far)
The two new worlds are called: Mold and Mucus.

By JohnHassink

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16-06-2005, 00:31

That's some original arrangement there, dude. Smile

My 2 cents:

* The piano in the intro sounds a bit too plastic, not only in sound, but from 0:31, the lines sound weird, especially in combination with the sound itself.

* I'm not sure about this little part:

D G D A D A# D A C F C G C A C G etc...

To be exact, at the end of the melody, it plays


While I think it should be:

A D A D# A F A G

I didn't hear the original for a long time though, but you might as well check...

* Nice work on the bass-solo, though you could fatten up that brass-accompaniment a bit.

* I like the drums.

* I agree with Abi on the "sweetness", though you managed to maintain the "epic" feel of the song pretty well.

Nice work anyway, anxious to hear the next ones! Smile

By Low_Profile

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16-06-2005, 01:13

I am aware of the slight difference in the A D A D# part ... I had to change that, because it wouldn't work with chords if I had used the original notes (that note f*cked up my entire chord-scheme, so i decided to change it in order to make the chords work with the music... call it arrangers freedom) Tongue

besides, it's only one note... but you have a good ear if you noticed that immediatly Smile

By wolf_

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16-06-2005, 01:22

It's easier to say something about microcabin/falcom/konami-rearranges than this kinda minimalistic music from undeadline, it's easy to overdo things because you have the instruments.. the issue is how to fill-up the emptyness from a tune, if one should do so in the first place.. If there's only a C and a G .. well uhm.. hmm.. what do we use to fill it up ... depends on the situation .. 'nothing' I'd say .. and use the energy to make the C and G more interesting..
Try Jarre .. he also made some minimalistic stuff, he covered it all up with bleeps and blops, and other layering!

nonetheless ... tired -> zZz -> more on it tomorrow orso


By Sama

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16-06-2005, 08:58


While I think it should be:

A D A D# A F A G

Big smile

I have always loved the fact that you were able to give this kind of comments on music, DemonSeed Wink It had been a while, but you really made me smile and remind me of 'the old days'.

By JohnHassink

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16-06-2005, 10:59

Well, thanks Rikusu, but don't forget, sometimes I was wrong with my arrangements too (memory loss and so), and you were the one who noticed it and knew how it should be.

Remember that theme from Parodius? Smile

By Oscar

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17-06-2005, 11:51



I think there are a few notes that sounds strange... at position 0:53 to 0:56... not the same notes as original tune... if
it is a personal modification I think that not sound good.... sorry Smile

I like the drums but I think the drumset seems to be a little too methalic and short wave.... but in this arrangement, sounds good. I like more natural percussion.... I think your "snare drum?" is too short... seems PSG snare drum on SCC compositions... just a joke! :-D

In general I like the arrangement!

By Low_Profile

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17-06-2005, 21:52

As I said, If I didn't make that modification the composition as it is would sound even worse... because there isn't a single chord that sounds right with the original serie of notes in that particular part Smile

Believe me, if ANYONE wants to have an accurate arrangement it's me Wink ... but my first priority is to make it sound 'in harmony' with the rest of the song and not have one note screwing everything up.

About the drums, I guess that's all about personal taste ^_^ (see my reply in the other thread about not being able to make everyone happy) Smile

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