With these 3 utilities you can see files on brazilian Itautec I-7000 CP/M (SIM/M) disks as well as copy them to MSX-DOS and vice-versa.

- Unfortunately this utility kit does not come with a I-7000 disk formatter too.
- It uses only one 360KB 5,25" disk drive.
- It's compatible only with brazilian "Microsol standard" (logic ports) disk drive controllers.

These utilities written by an unknown person known only as "JLJ" in 1988 as well as EVERYTHING regarding Itautec I-7000 is considered "lost material".
If you have ANY SIM/M disk, plese make disk images of it (using http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/img/index.htm ) and share online ot the Itautec I-7000 History will be lost forever.

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