Zapp seeker prog?

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Par Manuel

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24-03-2012, 09:54

Then put a REM line on several places to find out where it gives that error.

Par MSXPro

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24-03-2012, 09:59

Part of problem is the name of batch file...  must be *.BTM (* = any name) and not *.BAT Tongue

Now it's scan first folder on my C: drive, but stop on first folder and returns to DOS prompt.

Par OeiOeiVogeltje

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12-04-2013, 21:52

a weird question maybe
now that massmedia are widely used in msx land
its maybe time for an unzapp program like above for windows or linux?
scanning 4 GB on a MSX takes a LOT of time

Par meits

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12-04-2013, 22:54

Good point... That damn thing created by Wiebe W seems to be still around...

Par roadfighter

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14-04-2013, 22:38

A PC based scanner would be great so i can scan all of my msx stuff i have on my NAS, and CD's.

Par d-fader

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15-04-2013, 16:20

That would be easy enough to create, if someone can provide me with some info on how the .com files are modified, I can create a (.net) console app if you want Smile

Par mars2000you

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15-04-2013, 17:59

Some info here :


What makes this virus? Besides the basic strategy of any virus that is multiplying, it adds a little code in every file with extension COM.

Its payload is on August 20, when it displays the following message on the screen:

Did you know today's ZAPP's birthday ???

There are three ways to know if you have ZAPP infestation in your MSX.

. Set the date for the clock and reset the MSX 20-08, the message will appear as in the image above (go to BASIC and return with a _SYSTEM also makes the message appear)
. Open COMMAND2.COM in a text editor or hex editor. Right at the beginning will be the message.
. The infected files are increased with 512 bytes.

This increase of 512 bytes can cause problems on some files that are very close to the maximum size allowed for DOS programs, corrupting them.

Par d-fader

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15-04-2013, 17:32

Can someone put an infected and non infected file (the same one) online for me to do a comparison?

Par SLotman

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16-04-2013, 04:03

I have a tool I'm developing that can scan every file on an HD/disk and remove ZAPP, without causing any problems, since it just erases ZAPP from the end of files (it doesn't resize down the files, which usually gives lots of problems on HDs). I just have to finish cleaning it up - and probably making it also to work on DOS1 to release it.

Here's a preview:

Program so far can just check all files on "current drive" (default behaviour), check all and remove the virus (-remove), check a single file (-file filename) and check files on a specific drive (-drive drive_letter). So far, it works pretty well on DOS2 :)

I wanted to do a cool graphical interface for it... but time is a luxury I don't have :P

Par OeiOeiVogeltje

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16-04-2013, 15:40

the thingy NYYRIKKI made works like a charm
i think when the file has been cleaned then it should be no different that what is was before it got infected.
a bigger file is undesirable

a program that would work on a PC would be way better because of speed

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