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Par Rafol

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16-12-2003, 17:19

Hi there.

I have a problem with the english version of Knightmare III when trying to save the game to a DSK file. I've tried to do it in many ways, using different types of file, but the problem is still there. Not only that, when I try recovering game from a password, necessary objects dissappear and the game doesn't work properly. I'm using NLMSX v. 0.48. Could anybody help me with this or any other emulator? Thanks.

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Par ricbit

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16-12-2003, 17:32

Par mars2000you

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16-12-2003, 17:38

See the following page on hispamsx :

It seems that there's a bug in English version of Shalom, but you can find corrected versions on the site of Armando Perez Abad (see links in the message on hispamsx)

Par ro

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16-12-2003, 18:17

or use a SAVESTATE in blue/red/green/whatever msx?

Par Rafol

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16-12-2003, 18:39


I´ll be trying those versions in a few moments (I'm still at job right now).
Thanks to all of you.