38th RU Barcelona - video

par wolf_ on 19-12-2010, 00:27
Sujet: Photo shoots

Not everyone may have been able to visit the regular RU in Barcelona, early December, typically due lack of time or funds. This time the sudden strikes at the Spanish airports were bad news for those who were all packed for this event and waiting for their plane. Toni Gálvez was one of the visitors of the 38th RU in Barcelona, and luckily he made a video shoot of this event, for those who've missed it. It's, in a way, more than appropriate that music from Konami's shooters form the underscore of this video shoot!

Relevant link: 38th RU Barcelona - video

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Par Walter.MSX

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21-12-2010, 18:00

Thank you for this video in music, Toni ! Cool

The 37th is hidden behind this link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xf8r3g_videogames


Par Manuel

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21-12-2010, 20:43

Great video! Thanks for posting (and recording) Walter and Toni! Also, thanks to the organizers to organize it again! Smile

Par Paulbrk

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21-12-2010, 23:15

Thanks Walter, your video is very good, I like it, shows the RU very well I hope we meet on next Ru.