MSX Resource Center teams up with Generation MSX

par Sander on 19-01-2011, 13:40
Sujet: MRC

Generation MSX, the portal best known for its extensive information about MSX games, and the MRC will work together to share and enrich game related content on both portals. Currently a webservice is being developed to enable real-time sharing of game related information on both sides. This will ensure up to date information on both portals for all users and visitors. It will take some months to build and test the service. We hope to finalise our combining efforts near the end of summer 2011. When the webservice is finished, Generation MSX will also get an update to use this new service and more features will be added later.

We will keep you posted about our progression,

The MSX Resource team and Generation MSX

Relevant link: Generation MSX

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Par Huey

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19-01-2011, 14:23

Is this part of MRC2k11? Or is this halted by this new project?

Par wolf_

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19-01-2011, 14:28

MRC2k11 isn't halted at all. The new website basically already runs more or less the way it should internally (news, wiki and forum), but you know the 80:20 rule.. you do 80% work in the last 20% time. So what we're doing right now is really the fine tuning, filling our wiki with interesting articles, adjusting colors here and there. Jorito also has some MRC2k11 coding left to do - don't ask me for details as I'm a complete n00b on internet technology.

Par Sander

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19-01-2011, 14:37

Support for Generation-MSX started from the design phase, but we had to work out a plan on the way information is going to be shared. A lot has to be worked out but we hope to launch this functionality with the launch of the new MRC site. Or shortly thereafter.

Par Gakubuchi

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19-01-2011, 17:05

Great! It's always nice to see collaboration between sites in our "small" world! MRC and Generation-MSX are the two sites I visit most (for MSX realted business).
So can't wait to see the result! LOL!

Par Lord_Zett

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19-01-2011, 18:40

updating g-msx will be nice....

Par Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1782)

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19-01-2011, 21:03

We're indeed mostly in the 20% phase. The bulk of the work is done, it's now mostly a matter of finding and fixing bugs and implementing some minor stuff. MRC2k11 will not be impacted by the Generation-MSX cooperation at all. We will release MRC2k11 first somewhere this year and keep on improving it and adding features. Whether or not the software db will be part of the first release or a feature that will be added later on is not something I can answer yet.

Par MäSäXi

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20-01-2011, 08:05

Great News For Generation-MSX!!!!! Big smile

Is there any features you can reveal now? Smile

Par J-War

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20-01-2011, 15:06


Par Vampier

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20-01-2011, 16:25

the openMSX romdb and generationMSX have been working together for quite some time already. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers