MSX2+ kit canceled

par RobertVroemisse on 16-11-2011, 18:42
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Back in september, we announced a new MSX2+ kit that was being developed by Ricardo Oazem. The aim of this kit was to upgrade a MSX 1 to a quite complete MSX 2+ machine including a IDE Controller, 512Kb Memory Mapper and FM stereo sound. However, because of the release of the Expert 3 expansion board and the upcoming release of the Hotbit 3 by Ademir Carchano, Ricardo decided to stop development because his upgrade kit would be obsolete. Luckily, Ricardo Oazem should have more time now for the development of his new networkcard and the production of his highly anticipated IDE Interface & mapper.  

Relevant link: Official statement

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Paladin (864)

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17-11-2011, 17:35

Why would you want to upgrade an msx to an msx2+, almost everything must be updated to get a msx1 to a msx2+ status !

Par Dantyr

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18-11-2011, 00:04

Because there is a LOT of MSX1 machines (and users) available in Brazil. Not everyone has the money to buy a japanese MSX2+.
There is also the pleasure of use your old machine updated to MSX2+ !

Par meits

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18-11-2011, 12:06

But the price :S
It's even cheaper to let repair bas build a standard msx2+ out of a philips msx nms 8250 for you and send it to wherever on earth you like to be at that moment... $ 400,- is auch...

Par Robby

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18-11-2011, 14:18

It depends on what you want, and what you see as a challenge.
If you say it costs about 400 dollar, there is not much difference in comparison with a repairbas extension, for example see
When you count all the additional features (cq. prices), you wil see that you will also reach an amount of approx. 350 euro's......

Par meits

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18-11-2011, 17:58

Sure you're right... But the brazilian product is all in one... Including the things you wouldn't need...
Just a 8250 with 2+ and 256kB would play everything you need...

Par snout

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18-11-2011, 19:40

... and then you still need to ship that heavy 8250 to Brazil. Enjoy! ^_^

Par SLotman

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19-11-2011, 18:47

Oazem already made and sold the IDE+mapper thingies Smile

And about the kits... as I talked briefly with Oazem yesterday, it was something near R$400 (around USD 230,00) and not $400 - but I may be wrong on this ^_^

Par meits

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19-11-2011, 20:38

R$... Google brings me to Rhodesian Dollar which doesn't exist anymore... What exactly is that R$?
I was fooled by the $ sign...

Par hap

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19-11-2011, 23:21

huh, Rhodesia? Tongue
no, R$ is the currency of Brazil.

Par Dantyr

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22-11-2011, 23:43

R$ = Real
And yes Slotman, the price you put is right.